Equipment Distribution Day


Before the start of the season, team officials receive their team's uniforms and equipment a the Equipment Distribution Day. This year, uniforms and equipment will be distributed to all U6 to U18 teams on August 30, 2023 - 8:30am-4pm.

The location will be the Sutherland School parking lot. Please ensure that a representative from your team comes to pick it up. This is a one-time opportunity to ensure that your team receives their equipment and uniform allocation for the new season.

For more information, see the Uniforms and Equipment sections in our Club Guide

Teams should make every effort to fit their players with the jerseys, shorts and socks provided by the Club. The Club will only provide new jerseys, shorts and socks at no cost to the player if a player fits two sizes outside the range of sizes provided for a team.

If a new player is placed on your team and doesn't fit any of the uniforms supplied to your team, please contact Operations.

Lost Uniform Replacement

Ordering and delivery for lost items is handled directly with the supplier through the Club’s Store

Supplementing Your Equipment Needs

In the pre-season and during the season, teams will be given the opportunity to supplement their equipment needs with used equipment at specific locations on specific dates.  The schedule will be posted on the Club website.  In rare cases where there is an emergency, and the equipment is needed right away, please contact your age group coordinator for assistance.

The Club does not provide First Aid kits.  It is up to each team to obtain a first aid kit.

Lost Equipment

Due to the large quantity of equipment provided to all NVFC teams, the Club can't respond to lost equipment. The team should replace lost equipment.

Resolving Jersey Colour Conflicts

The primary jersey for the Club is red with black shorts and black socks. The red jersey must be worn whenever there is no conflict with the opposing team. When there is a colour conflict, for example NVFC vs. NVFC, the home team will wear the black alternate jersey.

NVFC supplies each U11 and U14 and up player one red primary jersey for the season, along with a black numbered training jersey. The black training jersey serves as an alternate jersey for weekends when teams have a color clash and the home team must change.

For U6 to U10 jersey colour is based on a range of in-house colours. U5 wears a red jersey. In these age groups, the home team will wear pinnies to resolve colour conflicts.