Role & Responsibilities

Age Group Coordinators perform an important function within the Club. Their main responsibilities are:

  • General day-to-day coordination of the age group.
  • Formation of non-select teams within the age group with responsibilities for recruiting coaches, managers and volunteers.
  • Dealing with questions and problems as they arise and communicating all pertinent information such as schedules to age-level.
  • Communicating Club policies and information to the coaches, managers and parents
  • Working closely with the Club Registrar to manage new registrations and withdrawals, and the creation of ID cards.
  • Attending Manager's Meetings, Coach Development sessions, and other Club meetings as requested by the Director of Club Operations /TD s each season.

Age Group Coordinators are expected to complete a Volunteer - Code of Conduct and complete a Criminal Records Check.

Thank You!

Our Club relies almost entirely upon volunteers. Your commitment is vital to ensure our players have the very best possible experience. We appreciate your hard work and dedication, which allows us to bring the beautiful game to players across North Vancouver - Thank you! We can't do it without you!


How do I volunteer as an Age Group Coordinator?

The Club encourages parents to support the Club as volunteers according to their skills and capabilities. The Club needs a minimum of two parent volunteer coaches per team as well as a manager. At time of registration, parents should let the Club know how they can volunteer. If you would like to help in a role other than team coach or manager, please contact

Do I need to get a criminal record check (CRC)?

You cannot act as a Club team official and cannot be given a BCSA ID card until you submit a completed Criminal Record Check to our Club Registrar. There must always be at least one adult BCSA carded team official present at every game and practice.

Get a Criminal Record Check