Game Schedules

Game schedules vary depending on age group and level. Find your age group and level of play, click on it, and save the file or page on your phone for easy access! Schedules may be published up to three weeks before the season start due to field rentals and team formations:

Practice Schedules

Below are all the practice schedules. If your schedule has not been added to TeamSnap yet, follow these steps:

  1. Find your team's age group below
  2. Click on the schdule
  3. Find your team name


Lit Fields


Grass Fields

Practicing on grass fields in the City and District of North Vancouver is prohibited. The grass fields are “reserved” for league play with permits only. Practicing on grass playing fields without a permit will result in a report to your club and some disciplinary action.

Games may not be played on water-logged or muddy grass fields. Inspect the field prior to game time.  The District and City Parks will also inspect the fields.  If necessary, your game should be moved to the alternate field.

Facility Resources