Session Plans

The following links are meant to support our volunteer coaches in their session planning and implementation. To better develop your sessions, choose the link that corresponds to the age group and level you are coaching:

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Coach Development

NVFC strongly believes in and supports coach training and education by offering certification courses, clinics and seminars, age group-specific orientation sessions, practice and training plans, and technical support to coaches and teams at no extra cost.

Every September, the Club hosts four mandatory CSA / BCSA courses for all coaches. Course details and registration instructions will be emailed to appointed coaches close to the start of the season. You do not need to retake a course if you've completed the course in the past.

  • Active Start for U4 - U6.
  • FUNdamentals for U7 - U8
  • Learn to Train for U9 - U13
  • Soccer 4 Life for U14+

Enroll for a coaching course

Canada Soccer has made coach education more accessible by dividing all courses into two components: Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Theory Component (Part 1) and British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA) On-Field Component (Part 2). NVFC hosts the BCSA Part 2 component each September at the start of the season.

To enroll in a coaching course and track your development, please follow these mandatory steps:

  1. Create a Coach Centre account. If you already have one, please proceed to step 2.
  2. Register for a CSA Theory course (Part 1). You must register with the exact same name and email address registered on Coach Centre.  This CSA Course is a pre-requisite for the BCSA On-Field Component (Part 2), so we recommend you complete the online theory well in advance. It may take 7-10 days for your profile to be updated with your online completion.
  3. Once you complete the online theory course, register for the BCSA On-Field practical workshop (Part 2), using the codes below. Please search for the NVFC-hosted course that corresponds to the age level you are coaching.
  4. Use the following payment codes to register for BCSA/NVFC listed courses:
  • U6 Active Start Code: NVFCAS
  • U7/U8 Fundamentals Code: NVFCFUN
  • U9-U13 Learn To Train Code: NVFCL2T
  • U14+ Soccer For Life Code: NVFCS4L

All course dates are available when registering.

Do I have to pay for a course?

The CSA portion of the registration costs will be reimbursed after completion of the on field NVFC/BCSA portion. For the BCSA portion hosted by the Club, please use the registration code above during registration.

Any coach wishing to further their education beyond the community stream and attend the BCSA C License should contact our Technical Director regarding reimbursement eligibility details. All coaches must register on the CSA and BC Soccer websites for any courses. New coaches will need to create a profile.

NVFC Coaching Requirements

  1. Certification For Your Specific Age Group As Per Above (mandatory for head coach only, optional for assistants). Must complete CSA online first, then BCSA on field.
  2. Complete Police Information Check (mandatory for all team officials).
  3. Complete the Respect In Sport Activity Leader Online Course (all head coaches and assistant coaches). Make sure to read the registration instructions and get your free registration code. *Only for use by NVFC Coaches

Police Information Check (PIC)

At least one adult BCSA-carded team official must be present at every game and practice. A BCSA referee will automatically default the game if a team does not have an adult BCSA-carded team official present.

The Club is required to report the status of our Risk Management to BCSA annually on October 1st and submit regular updates. Without a completed PIC on file with the Club, BC Soccer will not recognize you as a team official, and their insurance policy does not cover you.

A new PIC is required to be submitted every 3 years. The Club's Assistant Registrar oversees the PIC process at the Club.

For instructions on how to obtain a PIC, click below: