NVFC General Calendar

NVFC's General Calendar contains all Club events, programs and important dates in the year. This tool will help you stay up to date with everything that's happening in our Club.

Click below to access NVFC's General Calendar:

NVFC General Calendar

NVFC Club Guide

The Club Guide enables players and parents, as well as volunteers, coaches, Club officials, employees and stakeholders, to understand what is expected of them and how the Club operates.  By documenting our standards, we are communicating what is important for a growing and successful club.

The contents of the Club Guide align with and support the Club’s Constitution, Bylaws, Core Purpose and Core Values.

Changes to the Club Guide can be made at any time and must be approved by the Club Board of Directors.

The Club Guide will be updated regularly to ensure that it complies with the Society Act and other relevant statutes and is internally consistent with the overall objectives of the Club.