U8 Soccer & Futsal

At this stage of the BC Soccer Player Pathway, players should participate in stimulating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a FUN atmosphere. The emphasis should be movement exercises and games that promote a feel for the ball while teaching basic principles of play within a fun but structured setting. Small-sided game formats are used, ranging from 3v3 to 5v5 (including goalkeeper) and a basic league schedule can be created but no standings should be kept. All players should play equal time and try all team positions, including goalkeeper, and equal time should be allotted to practices and games.

All games are scheduled for Saturday morning/early afternoon ,and each team practices once a week between games. All games are on the North Shore against other Club teams.

The U8 age group also receives Futsal indoor soccer sessions (see below).

Program Details

Teams: 12 players per team; 4 vs 4 including a rush goalkeeper.

Games: One game per week with 2 simultaneous games at one time on Saturday mornings or afternoons. Pop up nets are required at games and coaches referee the games. Coaches are required to trade cones at the end of the game. Each week scores are submitted to the league. Games are two 2 x 25 minutes halves with a 5 minute half time break.

Practices: One session per week outside on a lit gravel field. Pop up nets are required.

Development: Club Technical staff coaches provide team development via FUTSAL (indoor soccer) every 2 - 3 weeks. A schedule is issued for each session. Team uniforms are worn at futsal with no marking running shoes in the gym. Teams are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions.

Uniforms: Players receive a complete uniform of a jersey, shorts and socks to keep and are required to wear the uniform at every game. The uniform must be returned if a player withdraws.

Equipment: Each team is provided with size 3 balls, cones and pinnies during the Club wide Uniform & Equipment Distribution Day in August every year. The Head Coach is responsible for the equipment. Equipment is kept by team officials (head coach, assistant, or team manager). At the end of the season, size 3 balls and pinnies are returned as teams will go up a ball size to size 4 and larger sized pinnies in U9. Players require a water bottle, shin guards and cleats for outside games, and running shoes for futsal.


NVFC U8-U9 Coach's Guide

U8 William Griffin Field Set Up

Age Group Sponsor

NVFC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors for their on-going support of soccer in North Vancouver.

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Futsal was developed in Brazil. Over the years, it has grown a very popular game both in South America and Europe and has become a tool to develop great soccer techniques. Due to a small size ball and pitch, young players that practice Futsal become more agile, skilful and confident on the ball.

Futsal is played with 2 teams of 5 players including a goalkeeper and is played on a court similar to the size of a basketball court. The ball is smaller in size and is weighted so the bounce is reduced. The rules are closer to soccer than the British and American versions of indoor soccer.

We count with the expertise of professional futsal coaches, who have a long-time experience both playing and teaching the sport. Bring your footballers to our Futsal practices and you will see rapid improvement!


Futsal Coaching Manual

Benefits for Soccer Development

  • Futsal is played with a small number of players, which allows players to have more touches on the ball which helps players to become more comfortable on the ball.
  • The Futsal ball with its reduced bounce allows players to get good control of the ball without it bouncing away, which gives players a greater confidence on the ball and encourages players to be more creative on the ball.
  • The Futsal ball also encourages players to pass over short distances and keep the ball on the ground as it is harder to just kick the ball in the air down field. This will help to develop good habits in players at an early age.
  • Futsal is played in a small area on a fast gym surface, which will help players to improve their quickness of thought, which will allow players to make better decisions when under high pressure situations or in tight spaces in games.
  • Futsal rules are closer to soccer, as there are no walls, if the ball goes out of play possession is lost, this encourages good habits as players will try to keep possession of the ball rather than take the easy option to play off the walls, or kick the ball down field knowing the ball will remain in play.
  • Being in the gym creates a fun environment for young players and keeps them out of the cold, wet weather during the winter months, which will help players to remain interested in soccer and develop a passion for the sport.


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