Evaluation Process and Select Team Formation

The Club aims to evaluate players primarily in their team environment across the course of the season. The process can look much different for U11-U12, in comparison to U14 and older, as the process becomes more tailored to each age group. We understand that formal evaluations do not always provide the appropriate outcome and that is why we aim to evaluate players over the course of their season as much as possible.

Team Formation for U11 to U13 Select Teams

Going into U11/U12/U13 Evaluations for Div 1A and Div 1B Teams will be made primarily in season by Club staff with the addition of input from Select team coaches. This may also include opportunities for Div 2 players to be invited to practice with Div 1 teams in the January/February period by Club staff.

Communication to all current Select players regarding their status for U11/U12/U13 Div 1/ Div 2 Teams will occur in early March.

There will be two additional invite only Evaluation sessions to finalize Div 2 Teams in mid March or early April (not during spring break). . Current Select players not already placed on Div 1 rosters plus invited House players will be invited to these sessions. Invited House players will be identified and invited via scouting by Club staff from in season team sessions.

U11(2011) Div 2 Evaluations Dates: Identified players have been sent invitations with all relevant details
U12(2010) Div 2 Evaluations Dates:Identified players have been sent invitations with all relevant details
U13(2009) Div 2 Evaluations Dates: Identified players have been sent invitations with all relevant details
*must attend all dates unless directed by Club staff
U11/U12/U13 Div 2 Teams will be posted no later than mid April  here: https://nvfc.ca/evaluations-invitees-results/

All non NVFC players interested in being evaluated for Metro, Div 1 or Div 2 teams should fill out their expression of interest here: https://nvfc.spappz.com/event?id=664

You will be invited into a NVFC Team Development session during the months of January/February or potentially in the Spring. You may also be asked to attend our Academy sessions as a guest for a few weeks.

Heading Into U11/U12/U13 Goalkeeper Evaluations
These are the first age groups the Club assigns full time Goalkeepers to teams. If you are currently playing on a House team and want to be considered a full time goalkeeper on a Select team please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind that if you are a full time goalkeeper on a select team you are committing to be playing goalkeeper for the whole game every week. We will track all that fill out this form and invite you to a goalkeeper identification session in March/April. Only those serious about full time goalkeeping please (deadline February 28th):

U13 BCSPL Intake
Given that U13 is the first year of play for the BC Premier League, there will be a component of open Evaluations to complement our club in-season scouting and partner club collaboration. These will occur in late January and/or early February. U13 BCSPL Teams will be announced in early to mid February before we post our U13 Div 1 and Div 2 Select Teams

Please visit our BCSPL Information page here for all BCSPL Evaluation and Program information : https://nvfc.ca/bcspl/

Returning Select Players from Current U13 to U17 Teams

The U14 and up evaluation process for all Metro, Div 1, and Div 2 teams is tailored to meet the specific needs of each age group and not all players are required to attend end of season evaluations. The Club will advise the players who are required to attend end of season evaluations for a re-assessment.  Often these will take the form of in house exhibition games with some guest players and/or new players invited to attend.


  • Evaluations will be more coach driven at these ages than in U11-U13. Coaches will work with their Club staff to form teams.
  • The plan for the next season will largely be affected by re-registration rates from each of the Select Teams.
  • To be considered for placement at your current Select level or upward movement it is imperative you register for next season by the Early Bird deadline
  • Select coaches heading intoU14 and up have the option to consult with the Technical Director and technical staff and release players from their team based on in-season performance in lieu of season-ending evaluations
  • Any player not offered a spot back at their current Select level will have the option to get a full refund
  • Coaches in the age groups will be encouraged to engage in the Team Formation process cooperatively to ensure proper player movement and placement
  • End of season evaluations will often entail scrimmages among the Select level teams with some invited House players included
  • When Select teams are not viable for next season Club coaches and Club staff will look to consolidate a team a redistribute players to an appropriate level team


The Technical Director will host a meeting leading up to U14 and up evaluations, but after the Early Bird registration deadline, to formulate an evaluations plan for each individual age group. At this time, U14-U18 Evaluation Dates will be posted in April and communicated to invited players. These will occur in April/May.

New to the Club?

Prior to the evaluations for their particular age group, players new to the Club should email the Age Group Coordinator of the age group they are currently playing in, stating which club and level they played previously.

Players who register after the evaluations will be placed in Div 3. After the Select teams have been formed they may be evaluated and, if they have the potential to play Select, will be added into the appropriate Select pool for consideration.

Div 3 Player Recommendation Process

U10-U17 Div 3/House players will be considered for the Select level via a series of in season scouting sessions by Club staff during the second half of the season.

Players who have been identified by Club staff during these visits will receive an invitation to Select Player Evaluations with a few weeks notice. There will be no player evaluations scheduled during the Spring Break or Easter Weekend.

Please note that an invitation to attend the Select Player Evaluations does not necessarily mean that a player will be placed on a Select Team.