Select Player Evaluation Schedules

Players should check back often for any changes.  Age groups refer to next season.

U11-U14 Select Teams

Due to the COVID 19 situation all evaluation dates for U14 Div 1 and Div 2 teams have been cancelled. The Club will be in touch with all players invited to these evaluations as resume to play decisions become more clear.
Currently the Club is under a CSA order to suspend all soccer activities.

Returning Select Players from Current U11 to U13 Teams

Returning Select (Div 1 and Div 2) players are automatically invited to end of season player evaluations.

U11-U14 Evaluation Chronology



The Club will forward via email a Coach Evaluation form that all coaches must fill out for each of their players. Club technical staff will also be asked to submit player evaluations during this time frame. Based on these and end of season evaluations the Technical Director will compile invitation lists. The Club will forward emails directing players in their current age group to the appropriate phase of evaluations. Prior to attending end of season evaluations, players on the invitation list should register for the Select level next season.

Parents who have questions relating to the strengths and/or weaknesses of their child should consult their coach at this time. At this stage in the season coaches have been working with their players two or three times a week at practices and games and can therefore give constructive feedback. The evaluation process is not designed to provide individual feedback. Instead, the evaluation process provides a ranking of players to assist in team formation. For this reason, asking for individual feedback from the Technical Director or coaches during or after the evaluation process is ineffective and inappropriate. Feedback on an individual player's performance at evaluations will not be provided.

Early February

Returning Select players must register for next season in the Select division by the following dates:

  • Prior to the evaluations if your evaluation is scheduled before April 15th
  • April 15th if your evaluation is scheduled after April 15th.

Unless we are unable to offer the player a position on a Metro or Select team, registration fees are non-refundable.

Unless otherwise notified, House players should register early in the NVFC House division.  If a player is placed onto a Select team, the additional fee will be collected.

Intent to Coach forms are distributed by Coordinators to their coaches and posted online. Only coaches looking to coach at the Metro/Select level need to fill these out.

Coaching selection is open to anyone each season.

When deciding which team/level (Metro, Div 1 or Div 2) you intend to coach, try to estimate which level your son is most suited for playing (see section A for guidance on playing levels). All coaching appointments are subject to confirmation by the independent evaluators and Technical Director during evaluations. Therefore, if you choose the incorrect level, we are able to make adjustments then. 


For example, if you are scheduled to coach a Div 2 team and the evaluations reveal that your son is more suited for the Div 1 level, the coach and son will be offered a spot on the Div 1 team and we will find another coach for the Div 2 team. All of this is assuming that you only intend to coach a team with your child on it. As much as possible, the Club tries to encourage co-coaching/collaborative coaching efforts due to the community nature of the organizations.

Where there is competition for coaching positions for any team, the formation of a Coach Selection Committee may be necessary and will consist of the Technical Director as well as one or more other Club representative(s) nominated by the Club, in consultation with the Technical Director. The committee will interview and choose the coach. Instead of, or in conjunction with, the interview process, there may be an on-field coaching assessment carried out.  Ideally, all coaching positions should be filled as early as possible. When possible, coaches of Metro and Div 1 teams will be selected before the evaluations, on a conditional basis (based on confirmation at evaluations that their son is of the level required to compete on the team the parent is coaching). The same principles will guide the selection of Div 2 coaches.

In order to promote coach education and to ensure our Divisional teams are managed off-field and coached on-field in a manner that is consistent with the Club’s player development objectives, all U11 to U14 head coach appointments will be subject to confirmation by attendance at a Club-hosted coach orientation seminar. Furthermore, it should be noted that all U13 and up coaches of all levels will be required to have their BCSA Soccer 4 Life certificate and all U11/U12 coaches their BCSA Learn 2 Train certificate. The club will run each of these courses in house once per season tied into other pre-season preparation and coach development initiatives so as to make participation in these courses convenient.

The Club is a volunteer-driven community organization. Our Board has identified affordability and inclusivity as Club priorities. The Club is seeking to build a dynamic soccer culture that provides substantial programs to support players, coaches and teams. The Club does not wish to see the hiring of professional coaches by teams to erode Club efforts to develop capable volunteer coaches or to take volunteer coaching opportunities away from community coaches. Furthermore, the Club currently provides professional player and coach development through its development branch. These sessions are paid for by the Club on behalf of the players and coaches and are covered by Club registration fees. For these reasons, it is the Club policy that teams are not to hire outside of the Club as this may cause an unnecessary financial burden on the parents of the players. The Club also assumes that each person who is appointed by the Club to coach a team is the primary person coaching the team and that this responsibility is not abdicated to a third party by those appointed.  However, the Club also understands that there may be extenuating and exceptional circumstances where a team wishes to hire a professional coach. In all cases, the Technical Director must first vet this.

The Technical Director will consult with coordinators and coaches of each age group within the Club to roughly lay out what the plan will be, based on season-long assessments and monitoring of the age groups by the Technical Director and Club technical staff heading into tryouts (i.e. how many teams and what level they play). Also, at this time, all duties for the tryout will be assigned and described (see Roles and Responsibilities page), and examples of the types of activities the players will be put through will be discussed. To ensure all Club officials involved in the evaluation process are well informed heading into the evaluations, the Technical Director will host a coaches, managers, Age Group Coordinator’s meeting to go over all of the above. Coaches are encouraged to fully communicate this information to their teams at training sessions in order to familiarize the players as to the expectations at the evaluations.

Invitations to players for end-of-season evaluations will be sent out around this time by the Club.

Any player invited to end-of-season evaluations for Metro, Div 1 or Div 2 teams who wish to play Div 3 level soccer next season should not attend evaluations.


All evaluation dates will be finalized and published on the Club website and distributed via email. These dates may be subject to change, as some circumstances are beyond the Clubs’ control such as dates for BCSPL evaluations, Metro Teams' Cup Play, field closures etc.. All attempts will be made to set tryout dates and locations as early as possible. These will be communicated by the Club.

Evaluation dates: to be determined by the Technical Director based on total number of Evaluations being run, access to fields, and the estimated number of players per evaluation. Check the Club website as it is the primary source for this information. Check the website on a regular basis in the event that dates, times or fields have been changed.

Late-February to June

Phase A evaluations start. These are for players who are coming out of U10 soccer and entering divisional soccer (U11 and up) for the first time, or for divisional players who do not play on a Div 1 team or U11 Select team this current season. Following Phase A, players will be asked to go to either Phase B Div 1 evaluations or Phase C Div 2 evaluations or will be placed on a Div 3 (House) team (which require no further Evaluations), as outlined below in the Tryout Flow Chart.

For age groups that have been tiered from the season before (i.e. U11 moving into U12 and up), players who have played Div 1 that season will proceed directly to Phase B  Div 1 evaluations. Stronger Div 2 players may also be directed to Phase B based on in-season evaluations from coaches and/or Technical Directors and Club technical staff.

Incumbent players are not ensured placement on a Div 1 team at the current evaluations as all players entering Phase B Div 1 evaluations will be objectively considered for placement into next season’s Div 1 teams.

All players not selected for a Div 1 team during this phase may be directed to Phase C Div 2 evaluations or selected directly for the Div 2 level. Depending on the age group, total number of players, anticipated number of Div 2 teams in the age group and assessments gathered in previous phases, Phase C evaluations may or may not be necessary. 


U13 and U14 Div 1 and Div 2 evaluations will occur after BCSPL, Metro and Select evaluations. Once a tryout phase is completed, players will receive direction as to where to proceed. Players will be notified by email after Phase A, once the results have been posted online. Players will be told at the final Phase B and C evaluations when the results will be available online as these are dependent upon a team formation meeting after the final session.

Once a Div 1 or Div 2 tryout is finished, it will be followed by a team formation meeting to go over evaluation observations and other secondary sources, such as previous coach evaluation forms and/or in-season assessments from Club technical staff. All of these sources will help the coaches and Technical Director to decide on final team composition. As needed, coaches from the previous season will be invited to contribute at these meetings (for both Div 1 and Div 2 teams) either in person or by phone to help guide the process, particularly on ‘bubble’ players. This meeting will finalize team rosters for the next season. The Technical Directors must endorse all team rosters, in the end.

Team formation will be a cooperative effort with the Technical Directors providing a pool of players that must be placed on the teams as well as a secondary list of players. As to this second group, the coaches will be asked to provide more input on these players. In the event that more than one team is formed to compete at a given level, the same process will apply, but we will look to ensure relative parity between these teams with the Technical Director still ensuring fair player placement. The Technical Director will guide this process and ensure all relevant factors are considered and respected by the coaches.

In the event the co-operative method fails, the Technical Director will immediately switch to a draft system to form teams when multiple teams are being formed at the same level.

Once teams are formed, notification will occur. At the end of the last evaluation session, parents should check online to see which team their child has been placed on. Players are expected to confirm/accept their spot on the team within 48 hours of the information being posted. Information on how to confirm your child’s spot, generally by phoning/emailing the team coach and registering for the Club for next season, will be provided online. 


Once you confirm a position (i.e. register) for a Metro, Div 1 or Div 2 team, there will be no refunds issued. Parents are not to contact the Technical Director, evaluators or Age Group Coordinators regarding results of evaluations. These are rankings, not individualized assessments. There are no notes compiled on specific players. All questions regarding the process must be submitted by email to your club Technical Director after you are sure your question or concern has not already been addressed in this evaluation package.  Metro players will also be required to register for next season to confirm/accept their spot on the team.  

For next season’s U11 & U12 Div 1 teams, placement on these teams will be subject to players fulfilling a commitment to those teams Spring activities as outlined in the U11 to U18 Section of the Club Guide. Those commitments will take priority over any non-NVFC soccer programming for both the Spring season and extend into the Fall/Winter season. As such, every players’ confirmation of their team placement for next season for these teams will occur on June 15th once said commitment has been re-evaluated. As usual, the Club will work cooperatively with NVFC team coaches and multi-sport athletes (given the ages we are dealing with) to have some flexibility to manage two sports while still keeping the commitment to NVFC team a priority. Occasional absences for special circumstances (ie major school event/trip) are acceptable as long as there are respectfully communicated to team coaches in advance. Any ongoing conflict (ie family holiday) must be communicated and worked out well in advance with team coach. Coaches will have the ability to borrow players from other teams of the same level (spring only) or from teams a level below as long as they have the time to make such arrangements.

The Technical Director will only answer questions or concerns about the processes used at evaluation. No inquiries related to player placement or player performance will be addressed. If a response to a query is addressed in the Club Guide, emails/calls may not receive a response.

Each year there are always players who, for very good reasons, are unable to attend the evaluations due to illness or injury. The Technical Director will handle these players on a case-by-case basis once they have been referred to the Technical Director. Coaches should not have these players come out to the training sessions for their newly selected teams, or games, unless directed to do so. Placement on teams, for players who missed the evaluations, will be at the discretion of the Technical Director, and the Club’s interests will dictate placement to a large degree.

Returning Select Players from Current U14 to U17 Teams

The U15 and up evaluation process for these older teams is tailored to meet the specific needs of each age group and not all players are required to attend end of season evaluations. Your AGC and coach will advise the players who are required to attend end of season evaluations for a re-assessment.

Evaluations will be more coach driven at these ages than in U11-U14. Coaches will work with their AGTC from the prior season to form teams. The Technical Director will host a meeting leading up to U15 and up evaluations, but after the registration deadline, to formulate an evaluations plan for each individual age group. The plan for the next season will largely be affected by re-registration rates from each of the Select Teams.

Div 1 evaluations will wait for Metro evaluations to be completed, before making changes to Div 1 rosters. Div 1 coaches at U15 and up have the option to consult with the Technical Director and technical staff and release players from their team based on in-season performance in lieu of season-ending evaluations. For U15 and up, this is the preferred method.

Should Div 1 teams require an evaluation session or two, Div 1 coaches should look to run their evaluations together, same time, same place, and cooperatively form Div 1 teams. Leading up to their Evaluations, Div 1 coaches should converse with coaches of lower level teams within North Vancouver FC to identify players that could potentially move up a level to facilitate fair and proper player movement between levels. These players should be invited to the higher level team’s evaluations. Alternatively, Div 1 coaches can just attend the Div 2 evaluations to review the top Div 2 players in the pool and offer positions to these players to fill out their roster.

Div 2 coaches should follow the same steps above in terms of cooperative evaluations and recruiting players from Div 3. For Div 2 evaluations, the coaches and coordinators of the age group will generally invite half of its roster to the evaluations for one final look, to have some players to compare the house players invited to, and to assist in finalizing teams in a cooperative manner among all the teams in the age group. As with Div 1 evaluations, any Div 2 players being moved to House will be largely based on in-season performance.

Teams that are clearly not viable for the following season should start working as soon as possible with other teams within the Club to form teams at the appropriate level for each of their remaining players. I.E. If there are 3 Div 2 teams in an age group and two of the teams only have 10 returning players we may need to work together to form two strong Div 2 teams in that age group going forward. Again, these discussions and decisions will be finalized in a cooperative/collaborative manner at the U15 and up Evaluations Planning Meeting mentioned above.


U15-U18 Evaluation Dates to be posted late April.  These will occur in May.

Div 3 Player Recommendation Process

U10-U17 Div 3 players who are interested in playing at the Select level should discuss their interest with their team’s coach. U10-U17 coaches will be able to recommend players from their team to attend the Select Player Evaluations. Instructions on this process will be emailed directly to coaches.

The deadline for a coach to recommend a current U10 to U13 player is: Feb 6

The deadline for a coach to recommend a current U14 to U17 player is: Mar 31

Players who have been recommended by their coach will receive an invitation to Select Player Evaluations beginning in mid-February. There will be no player evaluations scheduled during the Spring Break or Easter Weekend. U15 and older Evaluations will occur in May.

Please note that an invitation to attend the Select Player Evaluations does not necessarily mean that a player will be placed on a Select Team.

New to the Club?

Prior to the evaluations for their particular age group, players new to the Club should email the Age Group Coordinator of the age group they are currently playing in, stating which club and level they played previously.

Players who register after the evaluations will be placed in Div 3. After the Select teams have been formed they may be evaluated and, if they have the potential to play Select, will be added into the appropriate Select pool. If any Select spots become available, Select coaches will be expected to scout players from their particular pool to find a replacement.