Thank You!

Thank you for volunteering to be the Manager of your child’s soccer team. The following information will help you in understanding the role of Team Manager. Most importantly, it’s in your best interest to delegate many of these responsibilities. We strongly encourage you to ask parents to do specific jobs (rather than ask generally for volunteers) instead of attempting to do it all yourself.


Volunteer with the NVFC


Role of the Team Manager


  • Take the lead from the Head Coach running the team.
  • Assist the Head Coach with all the organizational and administrative parts of running a team.
  • As a registered Team Official you are part of the Team “Staff” first and foremost. You are a team “parent” second. 
  • Ensure you and your team is familiar with our Club Communications Protocol: Players/Parents>>Team Officials>>Age Group Coordinator>>Appropriate Club Staff*>>Board of Directors


*Club staff includes Registrar, Communications, Operations, Senior Technical Director


Responsibilities of the Team Manager


  • Report game scores EVERY weekend following your game (win, loss, tie) to the NVFC website  (N/A for U5/U6/U7)
  • Schedule parents to assist coaches to line/cone the field for HOME GAMES, usually only when you are the first team to play on the field that day (N/A for U5/U6/U7)
  • Schedule parents to assist coaches to set up or move goals for game days (N/A for U5/U6/U7)
  • Ensure all team members are aware of team practice and game schedules in a timely manner.
  • Schedule parents for team refreshments for each game (usually oranges and/or hot chocolate)
  • Pass on to team members and their parents any communication regarding cancelled games or practices, re-scheduled games or practices, Club events such as team photos, Jamboree, Coaching Clinics, Tournaments, social events, re-registration and newsletters from the Club.
  • Distribute the Player/Parent Code of Conduct to each player and family
  • The Manager and Coach are responsible for advising any parent that may be interfering with the game or the practice that they are committing a serious infraction of the rules of Soccer and that the parent could cause his team to forfeit the game and/or cause the Coach to be disciplined. It is the Team Coach who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of team parents and spectators at the game, so please keep cheering and behaviour positive!
  • Uniforms
    • Responsible for pickup and distribution at the beginning of the season which include:
      • Shorts, socks and Shirts for each player
      • Goalie shirt and gloves (N/A U5/U6/U7/U8)


It is imperative the uniforms assigned to your team be used for games only. No other uniforms may be used other than those distributed by the Club.


  • All team coaches and managers will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check and carry a BC Soccer Photo ID card or NSYSA ID lanyard to games. The purpose is to ensure that team officials on record are actually the ones running our children’s teams.
  • Please keep communications open within your team and amongst the coaches, parents and age group coordinator. 
  • Please advise your coordinator if any player drops out during the season; we DO have a waiting list for boys anxious to play soccer! Refunds are only available until October 31st . The Registrar must be contacted and an administrative fee is deducted. The amount depends on the date of request. See our Refund Policy on the website for the various dates & amounts.
  • We recommend that Team Coaches hold a team meeting with parents at the beginning of the season to review issues such as game and practice expectations, safety, communications and problem solving. Managers would work with your Team Coaches to arrange such a meeting early in the season. 


Your Age Group Coordinator (AGC) is there to help you with any questions or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to contact them if there is information you cannot first find on our website. However, please keep in mind that they too are volunteers and managing age groups with 250 plus players and their families.

Manager FAQs