Registration Overview

This registration overview is for NVFC League Teams, U6/U7 First Kix and U5 Kickstart only. Find registration information for Fall Programs or Academy here.

Registration for NVFC 2021-22 Fall/Winter season League teams will be OPEN for players born 2018-2004 fall/winter season on February 15.

We cannot accept registration from any player who is currently registered with another club for the same season.

Registration Receipts

Please find your registration receipt here (login required).

Registration Fees & Deadlines


Registrations are accepted until teams are full at the fee of $219


Extended to May 26th - Registration Deadline and for transfer requests at the Early Bird Fee of $285
May 27th onwards - Registrations will be accepted until teams are full at the Regular Fee of $300

U9/U10 House Select Players

Prior to Spring Break - Registration Deadline for U9 players who have been notified that they will be placed on a U9 House Select team and all returning U10 House Select players at the Early Bird Fee of $285.

U11-U18 House Players:

Extended to May 26th - Registration Deadline and for transfer requests at the Early Bird Fee of $285
May 27th onwards - Registrations will be accepted until teams are full at the Regular Fee of $300

U11-U18 Select Players:

Prior to evaluation - Players whose evaluations are scheduled between February and extended to May 26th
$360 - U11-U17
$335 - U18

After May 27th - If registrations accepted
$375 - U11-U17
$350 - U18
U13-U18 MSL (Metro) Players:

The registration fee for MSL (Metro) is $470 plus players may be required to purchase a mandatory player kit which will be standard across all teams.

Selected players will be advised when to register as part of their acceptance procedures.


While we take and consider friend requests and team requests at the House level, we do not guarantee they will be met. The Club has many factors to consider when making teams and receive many requests. Placement back onto last season’s team is not guaranteed.

After team lists have been published, parents of house players who would like their child placed onto a different team can submit a house team change request form, rather than contacting Age Group Coordinator directly. The Club will only consider requests where a player is without a former teammate, schoolmate, or friend on the team or where there is a medical issue. Once the season has kicked off, team change requests via your AGC will only be considered in extreme circumstances such as a parent's medical condition and may be difficult to accommodate.

House Team Change Request

Payment Options:

  • Credit Card (Visa or MC). For those families without a credit card, the Club encourages you to purchase a prepaid Visa or MC.
  • Cash. Please contact the Club Registrar at, to make arrangements to pay in cash. Cash MUST be received within 14 days of registration.

Payment Plan Option

For those families most affected by the current situation, NVFC is offering a Payment Plan with the objective of providing financial flexibility to registered participants. The Payment Plan consists of an original payment of $50.00 then 4 equal instalments on July 26th, August 26th, September 26th, October 26th.

Financial Assistance:

The Club recognizes that there are families in the community for whom the registration fees pose a genuine financial hardship.  We are an inclusive club, and with the support of Jumpstart, Athletics for Kids (A4K), and the generous funding of Grosvenor, we have developed a program to ensure that the registration fee alone does not prevent youth from participation in our Club.

Let's All Play

We ask that full consideration be given to whether assistance is truly needed. Overuse of this program puts these options at risk for those who really need it.

Families requiring financial assistance, including paying by instalments, please contact the Club Registrar at, in confidence.

Participating Programs

New to Canada and aged 10 to 17?

NVFC Refund Policies

For those of you already registered or planning on registering soon, if the season is cancelled due to return to play restrictions, the Club will be refunding players. There will be a $10 registration system fee that is captured by the registration company Moneris that the Club cannot avoid. The Club will not be charging an administration fee due to any COVID related refunds.

Unless we are unable to offer the player a position on a Metro or Select team, registration fees are non-refundable.

Refund requests from non-Metro and non-Select level players are accepted until September 30th and are subject to a prorated administration fee.

All registration refund requests must be made via email to the Club Registrar at:

A player’s jersey(s) plus shorts must be returned to the team's manager before a refund will be processed.

No registration fee refunds will be issued because of game cancellations or field/facility closures.

Registration fee refund requests due to injuries or illness must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Exceptions will be made for players:

  • Who move to a higher level of play
  • Who have a season-ending injury (doctor's note is required)
  • Whose families unexpectedly relocate out of the the North Vancouver area.

The refunded amount may be pro-rated.  Affiliation fees are non-refundable

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