Lost and Found Process

At NVFC, we understand that amidst the excitement of the game and the hustle and bustle of match days, personal items can sometimes be left behind.

What to Do If You’ve Lost an Item:

  1. Check the Location: As soon as you notice that an item is missing, please check the area where you believe it was last left. This may be the sidelines, fence, or stands.
  2. Contact Your Coach: If the item is not found at the location, the next step is to reach out to your coach via TeamSnap. Coaches may have information about items that have been found or turned in during or after a game/practice. NVFC cannot provide you with the contact of a coach.
  3. Reach Out to the Community Centre: For items lost at fields with associated community centres, please contact the centre's front desk. Many times, items are turned in there by good samaritans or by our staff.

Additional Tips:

  1. Label Your Items: To prevent loss and facilitate the return of items, we highly recommend labeling personal belongings with your name and contact information.
  2. Act Quickly: The sooner you report a lost item, the more likely it is to be found. Please do not wait to take action.
  3. Check Regularly: If your item is not immediately recovered, keep in touch with your coach and check back with the community centre periodically.

Found an Item?

If you find an item that is not yours, please hand it over to your coach or turn it in at the nearest community centre so we can ensure it gets back to its rightful owner.