How Can You Help?


The Club encourages parents to support the Club as volunteers according to their skills and capabilities. The Club needs a minimum of two parent volunteer coaches per team as well as a manager.  At time of registration, parents should let the Club know how they can volunteer.  If you would like to help in a role other than team coach or manager, please contact registrar@nvfc.ca.



Do you play soccer at the Club, enjoy mentoring young soccer players and need volunteer hours? At the beginning of every summer, North Vancouver FC looks for volunteer youth coaches (Grade 8+) to assist our programs. Please check by July 2022 for more volunteering opportunities

Police Information Check

A new PIC is required to be submitted every 3 years.

The Club is required to report the status of our Risk Management to BCSA annually on October 1st and submit regular updates. Without a completed PIC on file with your Club, BC Soccer will not recognize you as a team official, and you are not covered by their insurance policy.

There must always be at least one adult BCSA carded team official present at every game and practice. A BCSA referee will automatically default the game if a team does not have an adult BCSA carded team official present.

The Club's Assistant Registrar oversees the PIC process at the Club.

For instructions on how to obtain a PIC, click below:

Thank You!

Our Club relies almost entirely upon volunteers, and your commitment is vital to ensure the best possible experience for our players. We appreciate your hard work and dedication, which allows us to bring the beautiful game to players across North Vancouver - Thank you! We can't do it without you!