NVFC Scholarships 2024

We are delighted to announce that the Club will be awarding a range of scholarships to deserving graduating U18 players in 2024. These scholarships, ranging from $500 to $2000, are intended for post-secondary education and must be used within 2 years following graduation. They are open to currently registered players with NVFC who are in good standing.

We invite all NVFC U18 players to apply for a 2024 scholarship by submitting an application that includes the following criteria:

Cover Letter: Describe your educational plans, personal accomplishments, and reasons why you should be considered for an NVFC scholarship.

Resume, including:

  • Total number of years playing soccer for NVFC, including time with former Mount Seymour, Lynn Valley, and Lions Gate Soccer Clubs.
  • If a carded referee, the number of years and level achieved as a BCSYSA referee.
  • Any volunteer involvement with NVFC, such as Assistant Coach for a younger team, volunteering at NVFC Camps, Opening Day, Showcase Displays, etc.
  • Your history of volunteer activities in the school and community over the past year. Detail your tasks and time commitment (e.g., weekly, monthly, annually, or over the summer).
  • Membership in other sports teams, including the name of the Head Coach and whether it’s a school-based or community team, and the sport.

Reference Letters from:

  • Your current NVFC Coach.
  • A high school official (e.g., Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher, or Counselor).
  • Organizations you have volunteered with outside of your school.

One PDF: All your application materials should be compiled into one PDF document before submitting.

Additional Information: You are welcome to include any additional information that you believe is relevant. Note: these scholarships are not awarded based on high school grades, but you may include your high school transcript if you wish.

Deadline for applications: January 31, 2024, at midnight. No exceptions will be made.

Please email your application to

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships 2

Congratulations to NVFC’s Graduating Players and Scholarship Recipients!

We're thrilled to announce the culmination of yet another successful season for NVFC. As this remarkable chapter comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate and recognize the significant achievements of our esteemed graduating players and the worthy recipients of this year’s scholarships. You have all demonstrated great dedication, unquenchable passion, and unparalleled talent both on and off the field. We couldn't be prouder!

Congratulations to our Graduating Players and Scholarship Recipients:

🌟 Tyler Zinck

🌟 Griffin D Withers

🌟 Alex Crawford

🌟 Nic Bernard

🌟 Kai Chin

🌟 Chase Ledwon

🌟 Bradley Holliday

🌟 Joshua Metz

🌟 Daniel Meredith

🌟 Eemaan Alam

🌟 Jackson Seymour

As you embark on the next chapter of your lives, remember to embrace new opportunities, relentlessly chase your dreams, and strive for success in all your endeavors. Best of luck, and thank you for your invaluable contributions to NVFC. We will miss your spirit, your talent, and your dedication to the club. Here's to a bright and promising future! ⚽️