Congratulations: Kazuki Nagashima, Nico Gelo, Stephan Mantilla, Johnny Reitsma, Aili Marshall, Alia Rogers, Sofia Tkac, and Jacqueline Cuthill.

It is an exciting time for North Vancouver Football Club (NVFC) as we proudly announce the selection of eight players to the Vancouver Whitecaps for the upcoming season. These talented individuals are part of the Boys U14 Pre-MLS Academy and Girls Pre-Elite Program. We congratulate Kazuki Nagashima, Nico Gelo, Stephan Mantilla, Johnny Reitsma, Aili Marshall, Alia Rogers, Sofia Tkac, and Jacqueline Cuthill.

Robbie Tice, our Technical Director, stated, “I think this is an incredibly proud moment for these players, their families and NVFC! Many of these players started their career as young as U5 Kickstart at the club, working their way up and playing in various grassroots levels of play”.

“The addition of a BCSPL franchise at NVFC has allowed players to progress through the player pathway into the highest levels of community play, in their hometown club with NVFC and from there directly into full-time programming with the Vancouver Whitecaps.”

Alia Rogers, who joined the Club three years ago, mentioned, “After playing with NVFC, I feel as though I have grown so much, not only as a soccer player, but also as a person. I have made so many friendships and memories with my team, especially in going to Denmark this summer, where we played against international competition with more than 1,200 teams.This was an incredible experience that I will never forget -I am so thankful”.

Stephan Mantilla, who started his soccer journey at NVFC’s U5 KickStart Program, shared: “For me, NVFC is more than just a club. To me, it’s a home, a place I can always rely on”.

“From the moment I joined, they welcomed me into this sport I love, they made it so much fun to play this sport from the little games in U5 to the hard work and training sessions of BCSPL. The amazing coaches, caring staff and great teammates throughout the years made it possible for me to reach my goal of playing for Whitecaps Academy. Thank you NVFC”

Sharing their experience

The chosen group was privileged to receive a visit from two distinguished players, Evan Ince and Aidan Bejaoui. Both have previously embarked on the journey these young players are now starting, and they came to share their invaluable experiences and insights.

Evan, a former Whitecaps player who also took his first step at our club, remarked, “As someone who came through NVFC and into the Whitecaps program, I can say that the mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement are unlike any other feelings I have had. I wish you all the best, and I encourage them not to overlook the enjoyment of the journey along the way”.

Aiden, who last year was the first NVFC player to reach Whitecaps from our BCSPL program, shared, “Reaching Whitecaps FC requires hard work and perseverance. I am sure you can achieve this and much more if you work hard enough, just like you did with NVFC”.

NVFC’s Legacy

This achievement coincides with an all-time high registration of 3700+ players for our fall/winter season and over 1,000 participants in these year’s summer camps. NVFC’s growth and success are a testament to the commitment of our volunteers, players, staff, and community. This is just the first chapter of an incredible journey, and we are excited to see how far the NVFC legacy will go.

Congratulations to the players and their families. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and achievements on and off the pitch!

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