Practice & Game Schedules

Practice & Game Schedules for the 2019-20 Season

Practice Schedules

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  • Note - Gym contracts begin the second week of October.  Prior to then, U6 to U7 teams can practice on unlit school AW fields.

  • Lit field AW assignments  coming soon-If you've submitted a request check back for an updated schedule next weekend.
  • Field permits start September 3

Games Schedules

U11 and up games start up the September  7 weekend
  • U5 sessions start up up on the September 21/22 weekend.  There is a coaches and managers  meeting the weekend before where you can pick up uniforms/equipment.
Season Ending Jamborees/World Cup
  • U6 & U7 - Feb 29 as per game schedule above
  • U8 - Feb 29 - schedules will posted in Feb
  • U9 - U12 - Mar 7 - schedules will be posted in Feb
Schedules for U8 to U12 will be posted in Feb