Goalkeeper Development Program (Spring)

Goalie Program

This program is designed for players who are interested in improving their skills as dedicated goalkeepers. During these training sessions, players will work on age-appropriate goalkeeper skills such as catching the ball, staying on their feet, and how to effectively distribute the ball during the game.

This program gives an opportunity to our Club's full-time goalkeepers to train with NVFC staff coaches throughout the season for a nominal fee. Since this program is highly subsidized by the Club teams can only send one goalkeeper. Only Select Teams may send both goalkeepers.

Those who wish to continue their training into the spring months can sign up for our paid weekly Goalkeeper program that runs April through June.


Note:  Our Club's full-time goalkeepers will have the opportunity to train with our Club staff coaches throughout the season free of charge. NVFC players only.

Cost: subsidized by Club  $135

Goalkeeper Development Schedule


NVFC Refund Policy

Please see the Refund Policy in the Registration Overview section of the Club Guide.