One of the Club’s strategic priorities is to deliver the highest standards of excellence in soccer development to everyone. In achieving this priority, The Club provides a development pathway for all players and strives to place each at an appropriate level relative to their skill and ability.

Beginning with the U11 age group, players are streamed into various levels based on their skill level. The placement decision is determined through volunteer coach recommendations, technical staff observations, and an in season evaluation process.

Players must be registered for the following season in order to be considered for the evaluation process.

Long Term Player Development

As noted in the Club's Strategic Plan, North Vancouver FC promotes the National and Provincial Player Pathway and Long Term Player Development Model. For information on the Long Term Player Development Model, please see the links below:

Canada Soccer Player Pathway (Long Term Player Development)

BC Soccer Player Pathway (Long Term Player Development)

Evaluation Criteria

Team Coaches and select Club Staff will, over the duration of a season, observe, evaluate, and make recommendations for accurate player evaluation and team placements based, in part, on demonstrated ability in the following areas:

  • Control the ball with all parts of their body.
  • Control the ball from a variety of service (i.e. in the air, bouncing, on the ground).
  • Strike the ball with both feet and in specific ways that allow them to hit the ball the way they intend to (i.e. to shoot, volley, to chip, to pass with intended velocity) accurately.
  • Move with the ball under control at speed.
  • Defend with good awareness, patience and technique.
  • Make good, early decisions with the ball that show emerging tactical awareness.
  • Involve teammates in the game rather than doing everything themselves.
  • Have the fitness, speed, coordination, and strength to play at the highest level.
  • Be committed to play and practice on a high-level youth team.


Players are expected to come to the evaluations ready to listen to instructions and aware that it is not a regular training session. Occasionally, there may be more time than usual waiting for their turn to play and they may be asked to play several different positions in small-sided games. Players should know that the goal of the evaluations is to find the ideal playing level for them so that they can enjoy the game and develop as much as possible. Players should also remember that evaluations are different from their regular training sessions. The drills and/or small-sided games will not be stopped to allow for coaching points, as the purpose is to observe and evaluate at this point.

In order to be considered for higher level play:

  • Players are expected to make their soccer team a priority.
  • Players are expected to make a strong commitment (practices, games & tournaments). Occasional absences for special circumstances (ie major school event) are acceptable as long as they are respectfully communicated to coaches in advance.
  • Any ongoing conflict or prolonged absences (ie family holiday) must be communicated and worked out well in advance with team coach.
  • It is expected that a player's regular assigned NVFC Team will be their first and foremost soccer commitment in the spring, fall and winter seasons ahead of any other complementary or supplemental soccer programs.