Coaches & Managers

Coaches & Managers

Coaches and managers are the backbone of our Club.  Team coaches oversee drills, teach soccer skills and the rules of the game, promote sportsmanship, facilitate small-sided games, manage team equipment, and provide players with a fun, supportive environment.  Managers provide information to players and parents, provide support and assistance to coaches, and distribute uniforms.  Coaches are expected to complete a Coach – Code of Conduct.  Parents are also expected to complete a Parent - Code of Conduct.

Criminal Record Checks

You cannot act as a Club team official and cannot be given a BCSA ID card until you submit a completed Criminal Record Check to our Club Registrar.  There must always be at least one adult BCSA carded team official present at every game and practice.  A BCSA referee will automatically default the game if a team does not have an adult BCSA carded team official present.

Coach Development

The Club strongly believes in, and supports coach training and education.  Check out upcoming courses, clinic, seminars and other Coach Development initiatives.

The Coaching Association of Canada is a very good resource for coaches of any sport.  Here is a link to their website:

Soccer essentials for each age group can be found below:

Age Appropriate Curricula/Practice Plans

The following are age appropriate curricula and practice plans that can assist coaches in running an effective practice.

Coaching Resources


Gym Practices

U6, U7, and most U8 teams hold their mid-week practice in a school gym.  The contracts for the school gyms do not begin until the second week of October.  Prior to then, teams can practice on unlit school AW fields.