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We encourage you to use this website to answer your questions. The goal of our website is to be a communication and information platform for all members of the Club. For example:
  • The Club Guide contains key documents such as the bylaws, as well as policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Our Team Pages provide the contact information for all 270+ teams in the Club.
  • The Coaches & Managers page contains rules, documents, and age appropriate practice plans to run a successful team.

Helpful Hint

One simple way to find what you need is to use the search function found at the very top of each page. If you still can't find the information you need, and you're not sure who to contact, please contact your team's coach or manager. If you don't know what team your player has been assigned to please contact your Age Group Coordinator listed below.

Please choose a specific contact person from the Contact Groups below (note you can expand the Contact Group by clicking on the "+") and then fill in the Info/Request Form.

North Vancouver FC
P.O. Box 16010
1199 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, B.C.  V7J 3H2


Title / Function Name Email
+ Age Group Coordinators
U5 Open Send a Message
U6 Rachel Pezim Send a Message
U7 Open Send a Message
U8 Jaki Guterres & Lindsay Rowen & Rebecca (Becky) Carlsen Send a Message
U9 House Development Orlaith Ward-Rochereau & Jaimie Morrison Send a Message
U9 House Select Orlaith Ward Send a Message
U10 House Development Roxanna Smallwood Send a Message
U10 House Select Mehgran Filsoof Send a Message
U11 House Jennifer Dickson Send a Message
U11 House Select Cammi Ferraro Send a Message
U12 House Heather Brown Send a Message
U12 Select Joy Russell-Burr & Orlaith Ward-Rocheleau Send a Message
U13 House Krista McGrath Send a Message
U13 Select Vacant  
U14 House Open Send a Message
U14 Select Alison Ellsworth Send a Message
U15 House Cindy Metz Send a Message
U15 Select Erin Viner Send a Message
U16 House Lora Hargreaves & Cheryl Learmonth Send a Message
U16 Select Kirsten Emerson Send a Message
U17 House Tannis Hendriks Send a Message
U17 Select Tannis Hendriks Send a Message
U18 House Darlene Hickey Send a Message
U18 Select Christine Pietryzk Send a Message
Metro Coordinator Donna Goodenough Send a Message
+ Board of Directors
President-Stuart Ince Send a Message
Vice President-Kevin Colbow Send a Message
Secretary-David Goodrum Send a Message
Treasurer-Patricia Conte Send a Message
Director-Cammi Ferraro Send a Message
Director-Pam Ferguson Send a Message
Director-Sam Lupton Send a Message
Director-Kelly Pownall Send a Message
+ Committees
Communications Cammi Ferraro Send a Message
Facilities Stuart Ince Send a Message
Finance and Governance Patricia Conte Send a Message
Development Steve Kindel Send a Message
+ Special Portfolios
Mens' Coordinator Winston Haynes Send a Message
Scholarships Kelly Pownall Send a Message
Sponsorship Pam Ferguson Send a Message
+ Administration
Director of Club Operations John O'Flynn Send a Message
Club Registrar Kelly Klassen Send a Message
+ Technical
Senior Technical Director Steve Kindel Send a Message
Academy Co-Director | Technical Director Michael D'Agostino Send a Message
Academy Co-Director Tony Pensato Send a Message

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