To all club members,

I want to personally thank everyone that was involved with the DNV Budget meeting last night.  It was truly a collective effort.  We had support from NSGSC, Northshore Soccer Association, North Vancouver Sports Council, staff, board members, parents and boys.  There was a lot of support at the meeting from people wishing to see the Bike Spirit Trail completed, Inter River, more turf fields in general and a big push for Handsworth.  The sentiment was the same from everyone.  Council heard clearly what it means to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world but also what the expectations are for doing so.  It comes down to community, quality of life and services to support that.  A 4.5% tax increase is an effective cut in services.  The audience was very clear.  Don’t cut services, we’ll pay more if necessary.

I particularly want to give a big shout out to all the boys that attended and spoke, whether in person or online.  At NVFC we strive to produce more than just good soccer players.  We look to provide life skills and fine young adults.  Your presence and speeches last night are testimony to that.  Well done boys.

Stuart Ince, NVFC President