Team Placement

The Technical Director leads the various Team Formation Committees to from Div 1, Div 2 and Metro teams.  For more information about House Player Process please see the Teams section of the Club Guide.

While we take and consider friend requests and team requests at the House level, we do not guarantee they will be met. The Club has many factors to consider when making teams and receive many requests. 

Registrations are accepted up until the Registration Deadline or until the age group is full; whichever comes first. Because of changes in levels of play and game formats in some age groups, placement back onto last season’s team is not guaranteed. 

After team lists have been published, parents of house players who would like their child placed onto a different team can submit a  house team request form, rather than contacting Age Group Coordinator directly.  The Club will only consider requests where a player is without a former teammate, schoolmate, or friend on the team or where there is a medical issue.  Once the season has kicked off, team change requests via your AGC will only be considered in extreme circumstances such as a parent's medical condition and may be difficult to accommodate.