Meet NVFC’s 2021 Scholarship Recipients

NVFC Scholarship Recipients

Every year, NVFC awards a selected group of graduating players with a scholarship, to recognize their effort, dedication and commitment to the Club. As part of this year’s scholarship process, we recognized 13 outstanding players who had an exemplary journey with us, and we are certain that they will continue to provide value to the soccer and North Vancouver community.

Congratulations as well to all NVFC graduating players for committing to soccer for so many years, representing your Club proudly and leading by example. We hope to see you back on the field with our Men Teams.

NVFC Senior Technical Director Steve Kindel, Board of Directors President Stuart Ince and Board Director Kelly Pownall were present in the congratulatory event, which took place on June 5th, in Fen Burdett Stadium.

Meet the 13 scholarship recipients:

Ravon Caron

Matthew Williams

Arman Hariri

Brayden Yuen

Daniel Roozbeh

Braxton Edmonds

Parsa Khanbadr

Eric Jan

Oliver Goodrum

Caleb Loewen

Finn McMullan

Josh Heuchert

Robbie Graham