Evaluations Overview

One of the Club’s strategic priorities is to deliver the highest standards of excellence in soccer development to everyone.  The Club promotes the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long-Term Player Development Model.

The Club strives to:
  • Provide a development path for players from pre-school to their adult years and to uphold a player first approach that is transparent and accurate in placing all players and teams at the appropriate level of play relative to their ability.
  • Ensure that players with potential to play at a higher level are given opportunities to play at that level.
To help achieve these objectives, under the leadership of the Technical Director and staff coaches, the Club has an Evaluations section in the Club Guide that contains assessment processes, playing standards, a detailed chronology, tryout phases, expectations, roles and responsibilities and evaluation criteria.  

Note: With the North Shore Youth Soccer Association joining the BC Coastal Soccer League, the terminology of players has changed. Gold players are now called Div 1, Silver players are now called Div 2 and House/Bronze players are now called Div 3. To learn more, please visit: