NVFC + Urban Soccer Centre is hosting a 5v5 & 3v3 Jamboree! 

Play two 5-A-Side games and two 3-A-Side games in 2 hours! Open to all Girls and Boys team from U6 through U15.

Dates for Boys & Girls divisions

U8/9 - December 27th

U10 - December 28th

U11 - December 29th

U12 - December 30th

U13- U15 - December 31st

Register at https://www.urbansoccercentre.ca/nvfc-winter-jamboree/

U6/7 - January 1st

U8/9 - January 2nd

U10 - January 3rd

U11 - January 4th

U12 - January 5th


This program is for youth players to come in and enjoy a fun, unique environment to develop their technical skills. NVFC has partnered with USC to ensure that players can enjoy this fun development program without team scheduling conflicts.
The program incorporates TOCA training in small groups as well as small-sided 3v3 games in The CAGE to maximize touches and game-like scenarios. The TOCA & Skills Program is designed to be a fun, exciting, and unique setting; a place where players can improve their game in an ultra-modern development setting.

This program is open to individual players or teams that want their players to join an extra development session weekly outside of their NVFC Team and Academy sessions.

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Day Camps | Winter, Spring, Summer Camps

USC Soccer Camps are one of a kind! Youth players come in and enjoy a fun unique environment to develop. The program incorporates Toca training in small groups as well as a small sided 3 v 3 portion in The Cage to maximize touches and game-like scenarios. The Clubhouse, gives players a chance to enjoy a break and eat snacks. The camps are designed to be a fun, exciting, and unique setting with a maximum of 30 players registered per camp. A 10:1 player to coach ratio with players grouped by age creates an environment where players improve their game while feeling like a child in a candy shop. Urban Soccer Centre is an indoor space with large warehouse doors, and natural light through the skylights, keeping players out of the rain but enjoying the fresh air.
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North Vancouver’s home for soccer culture and innovative training.
A home where soccer culture is at the forefront, Urban Soccer Centre is the indoor hub for players to enjoy, develop, and play. The Vancouver soccer scene has a home for youth and adults to call their own with a fresh, exciting vibe.
Stay out of the rain, play year round, and enjoy your game at Urban Soccer Centre. #PlayYourGame

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