North Vancouver: Worst Place For Turf Field Users

A recent survey conducted by NVFC from published statistics, shows North Vancouver has the worst turf inventory in the Lower Mainland and it’s not even close.

Families are being short-changed.  Local government is not meeting the needs of the public or listening to what you say is important to you.  If you want your kids to continue to play on wet, muddy gravel fields, do nothing.  The situation will only get worse.  By the time the next turf field is built, there will have been 10,000 new housing units built since 2018, 75% without a yard. This is why we are requesting the District to Build Inter River Field.


Take action and email or attend the Meet the Mayor session at Lynn Valley Library on Feb 28 at 5 pm. You can also attend and speak at a council meeting – on February 27 & March 6. Over 3000 people have signed our petition to Build Inter River Field. If you haven’t signed our petition to Build Inter River Field, click here.