Metro Player Evaluations Registration

All players wanting to be considered for placement in the Club's Metro Program must register for and attend Metro Player Evaluations. Players must register for the evaluations 7 days prior to the first evaluation session for their age group (age group for the upcoming season).

The first day of Metro Player Evaluations are Open to all (pre-registration required), however, please discuss if Metro is an appropriate level of play for you with your current team coach before attending.


All evaluation dates, locations, times are subject to change. Please check the Club website regularly for changes.

Evaluation dates and times will be posted here. Players should check back often for any changes. Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to sign in and to properly warm up.

Metro Program U13 to U18

Description and Philosophy

The Metro Soccer Level (MSL) is the highest level of Select play at the Club. It comes into play at U13 and up and sits below the BCSPL level which is the elite level of club soccer in BC. Mountain United FC (MUFC) represents all North Shore and Burnaby-based players at the BCSPL level. The Club, through its U12 Div 1 teams and U13 and up Metro team programs, are a feeder club to MUFC.

The Club strives to enter teams at all levels of play at each age group, from Metro through Div 3, in order to provide the optimal playing environment for all of its players from elite to recreational. However, if there are circumstances that do not enable us to enter teams at the higher levels, such as Metro (perhaps due to lack of depth in the age group, or because too many players moved on to the elite level), the Club's technical staff will look to cooperate with other clubs (e.g. West Van) to ensure top-level players have access to the appropriate level of play.

Through its Metro Teams Program, the Club is committed to developing both MSL teams capable of being competitive at the MSL level and players capable of making the move up to the BCSPL. As noted, the BCSPL Club that officially represents North Vancouver players is MUFC.

As such, all motivated and committed Metro Team players will be given the opportunity for potential advancement into BCSPL via the Club’s relationship with MUFC. This relationship will ensure an open and transparent pathway to elite level soccer for aspiring Club players.

The Metro Teams Program places a high emphasis on player development and player advancement. An essential part of player development at the competitive levels and very elite levels is developing the ability to compete not only against other teams, but also within your own team for playing time. We will strive to develop healthy, respectful competition within the team, while promoting teamwork, dedication, and commitment among players.

Metro Expectations

Through the evaluation process, the Club will select players for this level that are highly committed to soccer and meet the technical and tactical requirements of high-level players. All Metro teams will train two times per week plus a game. Coaches may also enter some in-season and off-season tournaments. It is expected that players make a strong commitment to the team's practices, games and tournaments.

Occasional absences for special circumstances (for example a major school event) are acceptable as long as they are respectfully communicated with team coaches in a timely manner.

Metro Evaluations

End-of-season Metro evaluations occur separate from Div 1 and Div 2 evaluations. All of the in-season evaluation mechanisms mentioned in other sections still apply to Metro evaluations. Once Metro evaluations are completed, Div 1 and Div 2 teams are formed as per the procedures as outlined in this document.

Players must pre-register for Metro evaluations. An online link will be posted on the Club website and emailed out by Age Group Coordinators. When considering whether or not to attend end-of-season Metro evaluations, players/parents should consider the Metro playing standards. Furthermore, you may wish to speak to your current team coach to see if attending Metro evaluations is appropriate based on your current playing ability. An evaluation fee will be charged for these evaluations to cover the field, administration, and independent evaluator costs.

Leading up to evaluations, some players may be asked to proceed directly to the next phase of evaluations based on in-season evaluations from Club technical staff and coaches. This is done in order to manage numbers at the evaluations (especially heading into U13), and does not give players any advantage or disadvantage through the Metro team selection process.

Coaches wishing to be considered for Metro and Select levels must fill out an Intent to Coach form. We will aim to assign coaches to Metro teams either before or during the Metro team selection process. All coaching appointments are subject to confirmation of coaches' son being evaluated as a Metro-calibre player by the Club's technical staff.