Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the public face of the Club by setting and implementing the policies governing the Club.

All Club Directors hold voluntary, non-compensated positions and are required to sign a Code of Conduct and submit a completed Criminal Records Check.

Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold office for two years. Persons wishing to stand for election must inform the Secretary in writing five days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors.
Directors are expected to:
•    Conduct themselves with professional decorum and respect.
•    Actively participate in Board discussions and decisions.
•    Vote on motions and decisions presented by members to the Board of Directors.
•    Participate in working committees.
•    Hold portfolios and manage the various areas of Club operations. 
•    Assist and fill in for other Board positions as requested by the President.
•    Accomplish tasks in a timely and complete manner.
•    Maintain Board confidentiality.
•    Stand behind Board decisions.