Only jerseys, shorts, socks and outerwear that have been issued and approved by the Club may be worn when representing the Club.   

The primary colors for the Club are red and black.

Only the Club's logo is to be used on jerseys, shorts, socks, Club outerwear and other items that have been approved by the Club Board of Directors. 

Solving Jersey Colour Conflicts

For U11 and up, the primary jersey for the Club is red with black shorts and black socks. The red jersey must be worn whenever there is no conflict with the opposing team. When there is a colour conflict, for example NVFC vs. NVFC, the home team will wear the black alternate jersey

For U6 to U10 jersey colour is based on a range of in-house colours. U5 wears a red jersey. In these age groups, the home team will wear pinnies to resolve colour conflicts.

Club Outerwear

Absolutely nothing is to be attached to jerseys, shorts, socks and Club outerwear without permission from the Club Board of Directors or the Sponsorship Committee. Teams or individuals not adhering to this policy will be required to correct, dispose of and replace the offending gear, at their own expense, immediately upon notification.

All outerwear such as tracksuits, tops, pants and jackets must follow the primary colour combinations. The specific items are found displayed in the online store on the website.  Each season, the Club Board of Directors will determine the styles that will be available.

Adidas Sizing Chart for Jerseys and Outerwear

Uniform Distribution/Requests

Jerseys, shorts and socks are replaced on an annual basis.  Players keep their jerseys at the end of each season unless there is a specific sponsorship arrangement in a particular age group.

Jerseys, shorts and socks for all Club members are distributed in August.  It is each team’s responsibility to ensure that these items are picked up on distribution day and that teams submit uniform requests by the Club mandated deadline.

Requests for jerseys, shorts or socks due to sizing or player movement during the pre-season or the season must come through a request form or to a single e-mail address to be provided.   Team managers will be given instructions on where to pick up their jerseys, shorts or socks.

Teams will be provided a range of sizes that are standard for their age group, and they should make every effort to fit their players with the jerseys, shorts and socks provided by the Club.  The Club will only provide a new jersey, shorts and socks at no cost to a player if a player fits outside the range of sizes that are standard for their age group.

Although most players keep their jerseys, shorts and socks at the end of the season, during the season the jerseys are the property of the Club and should remain with the team that issued the jersey unless the player has been instructed by the Club to take the jersey with him to a new team. Shorts and socks move with the player.

Lost Uniform?

In instances where a player loses his jersey, shorts or socks, the player must pay a fee to the Club supplier directly.  Ordering and delivery are handled directly with the supplier through the Club’s online store.

Sponsored Jerseys and Outerwear

A sponsor’s logo on a jersey needs to be one single color (white or black for maximum exposure) to fit in a 6" deep x 9" text box.  The logo can have a supporting line but not a sell line.  Sponsor logos are to be in a vectorized EPS format. All text needs to be outlined or the fonts required need to be provided, so as to avoid set up charges ($35).

The back neck sponsor size for all of North Vancouver track suits is to be no larger than the NVFC left chest logo (2.75” x 3.5”) and should be placed in the centre of the back of the track top, just below the collar.
All sponsor’s logos must be approved by the Board of Directors.