Cessation of Membership for Non-payment:

12. A Member shall cease to be a Member if he or she fails to pay the annual membership fee, if any, on or before the date due, in which case membership ceases on the deadline date set for payment.

Rescinding Membership or Expelling Member:

13. The Board of Directors may rescind the membership of any person in the Club, or may expel a Member from the Club, if a Member or Minor Player for whom that person stands as a Member:
(a) Contravenes provisions of these Bylaws or policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors;
(b) Breaches the rules of soccer;
(c) Breaches the rules of the Canadian Soccer Association and/or any such other association with which the Club chooses to affiliate;
(d) Engages in conduct (whether on the field of play or elsewhere) that can be reasonably inferred to place players safety and security of person at risk or otherwise may bring the game of soccer or the name and reputation of the Club into disrepute.

14. Any decision taken to rescind the membership of or expel a person from the Club must be by two thirds majority of those Directors of the Board of Directors present at the Board meeting at which the matter is tabled for decision.

15. No decision to rescind a person’s membership or expel that person from the Club may be taken without that person first having had a chance to appear at a hearing at which he or she will be:
(a) Able to hear the allegations against him and make full answer to those allegations; and
(b) Entitled to call witnesses with direct knowledge of the facts and/or circumstances giving rise to the hearing. The hearing panel convened pursuant to section 16 below may rule on the admissibility of witnesses and may exclude any witnesses who, in the sole discretion of the panel, no not have direct and/or relevant information.

16. A hearing conducted pursuant to the section above shall be held in front of a panel of no more than three members of the Board of Directors or such other adjudicative body recognized by the Board of Directors, and in both cases the Board of Directors shall receive a full report of the panel at a Board Meeting for which the matter is tabled for discussion and shall vote on the recommendations contained in that report.

17. A person appearing at a hearing under this part is not entitled to legal representation at that hearing unless consented to in advance by the panel, such consent to be at the absolute discretion of the panel and may be refused without reasons. Failure of the person or his/her legal representative (if such a representative had been permitted) to attend the hearing does not prevent the Board of Directors from proceeding with the hearing and making its decision.