The scheduling of lit fields is coordinated by the Lit Field Assignor and the scheduling of gyms is coordinated by the Gym Assignor.  

Generally, U6 to U8 teams practice in gyms while U9 to U18 teams practice on lit practice fields or turf.


Coaches will be offered a set of lit practice fields or gym preferences to chose from. Coaches are required to submit their lit practice field and gym preferences using the web form on the Club website.  This will usually be within two weeks of being requested by the Club.  The Club will endeavour to provide each team with a lit practice field or gym schedule at the time the teams are announced.  

The schedules are subject to change, especially gym times, which are subject to change by the individual schools.  If changes to the schedule occur after the teams are announced, the Club will try to ensure that alternatives fall on the same evening but likely at a different time and location.

The Club has a limited number of gyms and lit practice fields to choose from.  The assignment of practice fields and gyms will be done based on best fit with the team preferences identified on the request form, available field times and other constraints.  However, the overriding consideration will be to best utilize the limited space available.

Field Assignors do their best to assign teams to their preferred day and time, but given the number of teams, the limited field space available and other constraints, not all teams will be assigned to their preferences.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM are the most popular times for practices at all age levels. If you beat the odds last season and got one of these slots please do not assume it will happen again this season.

Younger teams will be assigned to earlier practice times, and older teams to the later time slots.  Unavoidable conflicts for time will be resolved in favour of the older team.

To assist those individuals who have stepped forward to coach more than one team, the assignors will try to fit their needs into the field assignments. Use the Special Requests section to indicate all connections with other teams, including those with NSGSC.  Team names and age group information is essential in order to coordinate these requests.

Some coaches prefer coordinated practice sessions with other teams at the same age group level. Where this has been identified in the Special Requests section, assignors will try to organize field assignments accordingly.

If you are able to begin practice before 5:00pm (the time at which the Club officially has possession of the practice fields), please note in your application under Special Requests. We have in the past successfully applied to the North Vancouver District to have some fields available at these earlier times.

Teams playing Sunday games should attempt to train on Friday evenings if possible, as this is the least requested night of the week.

Team Pages

Once all the lit field assignments have been completed, the team contact and Age Group Coordinator will be notified by email.  A team’s schedule will be posted on the team page on the website.

Teams should consider these assignments as being preliminary, as there may be the need to change a few assignments to accommodate changes in coach or field availability.

This lit field assignment schedule identifies which teams are authorized to be on the lit practice fields at what time. Team officials should print and carry a copy of their team page schedule to every practice to avoid any scheduling issues.  

Any adjustments made throughout the season will be made on the team page.

Allocation of additional practice times or extended practice times

Requests for a second practice time or extended practice time will be processed once all teams have been assigned a main practice time.

There is no preference selection on the form for the second practice time as the assignors will be limited by the space available. If there are special requirements for the second practice time please indicate in the Special Requests box.

Player and Team Development

The Club is currently planning the following for player and team development:
  • Academy programs (typically U6-U14 who register for extra development) – Monday nights
  • Select Team Development, U11-U17 – Thursday nights (most likely)
  • House Team Development, U10-U16 – Wednesday nights (most likely)
  • Futsal Team Development, U8 and U9 – Tuesday nights (most likely)

The options that will be sent out to the teams will try to avoid conflicts between the practice schedule and the schedule for Player and Team Development.