Roles and Responsibilities

Technical Director/Club Technical Staff

  • Collate invitation list for each age group.
  • Collect Intent to Coach forms. Carry out coach selection process for teams and/or levels with multiple applicants. Work with Coordinator to place coaches with various team/levels as we move through the tryout process.
  • Collect Coach Evaluation forms and assess players and teams during the season.
  • Organize the format, times, locations, equipment, evaluators and stations for the tryouts.
  • Act as an evaluator.
  • Collect any/all evaluator observations and ensure they are available for team formation meeting reference.
  • Lead the team formation meeting at the conclusion of evaluations and endorse all final team rosters.

Select Age Group Coordinators

  • Help hand out numbered bibs and record that bib number on the supplied sheet.
  • Relay all tryout info including time/locations and policies/format etc to their coaches with instructions to pass on to their players and parents as a follow up to Club distribution.
  • After Evaluations, House Coordinators responsible for Div 3 (Bronze/House) Team formation. There are no end of season evaluations for Div 3. The aim is to ensure team viability and ensure all players in North Vancouver have a team to play on and may extend into the summer months.


    • Evaluate players according to standards provided.
    • Ensure the correct input of player bib numbers on the evaluation sheet.
    • Hand in completed signed evaluation sheets to the Technical Director at the end of each evaluation.
    • Respect players’ privacy by refraining from communicating any information or opinions relating to the evaluation format and/or player performances to any parents or other bystanders.

    Current season’s coaches

    • Complete end-of-season Player Assessment forms and return to Technical Director.
    • Attend the evaluation information meeting in February.
    • Notify players of evaluation dates/locations and relay evaluation policies and information.
    • Be familiar with evaluations policies and be the main point of contact to answer parent/player inquiries leading up to evaluations.
    • Be prepared to contribute, in person or by phone, to team formation meeting at the end of evaluations to give additional insights.

    Next season’s coaches

    • Attend the evaluation information meeting in February.
    • Come to all evaluations and ensure he/she sees all players over the course of the evaluations. Take notes on players that he/she feels should make the team.
    • Bring a list of desired players to team formation meeting along with notes/opinions on other players. These will be compared with independent evaluator observations, in-season evaluations from the Club Technical staff, and completed end-of-season Player Assessment forms from last season’s coaches in consultation with the Technical Director.


    Parents should familiarize themselves with all the material in this chapter and discuss it with their children who will be attending evaluations. Together, a decision should be made as to whether the child wants to participate in the evaluations and, if so, whether they wish to try out for Metro, Div 1 or Div 2. Players who opt not to attend will be placed on a House team once they have registered for the following season.

    At the evaluations, it is the parent’s job to ensure that players arrive on time and with the necessary equipment (boots, shin pads, jacket, water, etc.), and to prepare them for the evaluation process.

    Parents must also respect the work of the volunteers and evaluators and allow them to do their work without unnecessary intrusion. Parents will be asked to keep to the perimeter of the field(s) to allow evaluators and coaches to talk candidly, and to keep the evaluation area as clear as possible for players and evaluation staff.

    Parents should regularly check the Club website for updated evaluation information including dates, times, locations and results throughout the entire evaluation process. At the end of the last evaluation session parents should check online to see which team their child has been placed on. Players are expected to confirm/accept their spot on the team within 48 hours of the information being posted. Information on confirming your child’s spot, generally by phoning/emailing the team coach, will be provided online at the time of posting.

    Parents are not to contact the Technical Director, evaluators or Age Group Coordinators regarding results of evaluations. These are rankings, not individualized assessments. There are no notes compiled on individual players. All questions regarding the process must be submitted by email to the Technical Director after you are sure your question or concern has not already been addressed in the evaluation package. The Technical Director will only answer questions or concerns about the processes used at evaluations. No inquiries related to player placement or player performance will be addressed. If a response to a query is addressed in the Club Guide, emails/calls may not receive a response.


    Players are expected to come to the evaluations ready to listen to instructions and aware that it is not a regular training session. Occasionally, there may be more time than usual waiting for their turn to play and they may be asked to play several different positions in small-sided games. Players should know that the goal of the evaluations is to find the ideal playing level for them so that they can enjoy the game and develop as much as possible. Players should also remember that evaluations are different from their regular training sessions. They will not be “coached.” The drills and/or small-sided games won’t be stopped so coaching points can be made. The purpose is to evaluate them at this point.