Playing Up Policy

A player wishing to play up an age group must try out for the highest-level team (BCSPL at U13 and up or U11/U12 Div 1A) in the older age group, and be in the top third of the skill/playing level for that team. A request to play up must be made in writing, by email to the Technical Director(s) at least two weeks prior to the published evaluation dates for the age group the player wishes to join. A committee that could consist of some or all of the following people will evaluate the request the Technical Director(s) and other Technical Staff familiar with the player/age group. The committee will make a recommendation to the Board.

No underage player can register for a team until approval to do so is given by the Board of Directors. This will be strictly adhered to. The exceptions and other factors the committee may consider in reaching a decision include the following:
  • There are no teams available for the player in his age level.
  • A team in the older age group requires additional players to be viable and there are not enough players in that age group.
  • The player's social maturity, motivation, commitment, physical maturity and abilities must be equivalent to the other players on the team to which he/she is seeking placement. 
  • The parents must be fully informed of the player's options and the pros and cons of each option. 
  • Technical Staff may consult with the Age Group Coordinator and the coaches for the player's own age category.
Coaches should not recruit underage players. Underage players should not be invited to annual evaluations. However, if underage players wish to attend evaluation sessions, we will not deny access.