Playing Time Policy

The Playing Time Policy applies to regular season games, cup play and tournaments. 

The Playing Time Policy guides coaches in their management of playing time allocations for each player.  Player development and providing a safe, fun soccer program for all players is the basis for managing time allocations.

Subject to the exceptions noted below, coaches are expected to manage playing time allocation for the players on their teams as follows:

U6 – U10

  • League Game - Equal Portion
  • Tournament Game - One half of each game

U11 - U18 (Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3 (House))

  • League & Tournament Game - One half of each game
  • Cup Game - One-third of each game


  • League & Tournament Game - 40% of a game
  • Cup Game -  No minimum


Parents may request a coach to reduce their son’s playing time allocation when they feel it is in their child’s best interests such as illness or a return from injury.

The coach may reduce a player’s time allocation for any of the following reasons:
  • Poor behaviour or effort at games and practices.
  • Ongoing absences from games and/or practices. 
  • Lack of communication in regards to absences from games and/or practices. 
  • Other issues that the coach must clearly explain to the parents before limiting playing time.

Once the coaching staff see a demonstrable improvement, it is expected that coaches return to the playing times for the particular age or level.

It is expected that all players and parents demonstrate respectful and timely communication of all absences from practices and games.

Should a coach have a concern relative to attitude, commitment and/or discipline and how it should impact playing time (for more than one game) they are advised to contact their Age Group Coordinator’s for assistance.