Playing Down Policy

The Club adheres to the BCSA’s Playing Down Policy for players who may be:
  • Disabled
  • Physically challenged due to an infirmity
  • Team sports face difficulties in two areas:
    • The infirmity is sufficient that it could affect the teams from playing the game
    • The size of disabled or physically challenged player playing in a younger age group could create risk to the other players participating in the game
Applications to play down in a younger age group should be received by the Club Registrar before the registration deadline and must include:
  • A request letter/email from the parents
  • Written evidence of the infirmity by a medical practitioner
  • It may be necessary for the Club’s Technical Director to assess the player.
The application must be approved by:
  • The NVFC Board of Directors
  • The NSYSA Board of Directors
  • BCSA
The request to play in a lower age group must be made annually.