Reg Overview

Overview of Registration

Registration for a new season opens on February 15th.  All currently registered players will be emailed an invitation to re-register for the following season. The email communication will include their User Name and Password to use for their registration.

The Club will try to accommodate placement requests as noted on the registration form, but the Club cannot offer any guarantees.  Returning players wanting to transfer teams should also notify their Age Group Coordinator with their request.

Registrations are accepted up until the Registration Deadline or until the age group is full; whichever comes first. Because of changes in levels of play and game formats in some age groups, placement back onto last season’s team is not guaranteed. 

Player registration is not complete until the Club has received payment and any required proof of age and player photo.  

The Club will accept late registrations until teams are full. Registrations received after teams are full are put onto a waitlist subject to availability within the age group, and no payment will be processed.  The Club will contact the player as soon as the Club is able to place the player on a team. Waitlists are processed on a first come, first serve basis.

The Club cannot accept a registration from any player currently registered with another Club for the same season.

New to Canada and aged 10 years and older?

Proof of Age Requirements

Proof of Age is mandatory for all of the following players:
  • ALL players in U11 and any NEW players entering U12-U18 are required to submit a copy of player's birth certificate, passport, or immigration papers to your team Manager. This document can either printed on a 8.5 by 11“  piece of paper or emailed to your team manager before June 15.  Final placement on a team is not confirmed until the club is in receipt of the Proof of Birth.
  • NEW players entering U11-U18  after mid-September. You can send us a copy by email. Your son will not be able to play on his team until we receive a copy of his proof of age.

Acceptable ID for Proof of Age

  • a photocopy of the player's birth certificate
  • a photocopy of a passport
  • a photocopy of immigration papers
Please note that medical cards are not acceptable.

It’s recommended to conceal the registration number/passport number when submitting proof of  age documents electronically to help prevent identity theft.
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