The Club rents gyms from the North Vancouver School District for the younger age groups.  Each team will be provided with a contract and gym schedule. Club teams that are outside the U6 to U8 age groups are able to rent their own gyms directly from the NVSD.

In the interest of fairness to the other groups, and our staff, at your location, it is very important that all groups please honor their start and end times.  The end time on your contract means that is the time that your group is leaving the building.

Coaches And Parents  

Sometimes a sibling of a child who is involved in a sports practice attends with either parent, and sometimes mom or dad is the coach.  Please ensure your children’s siblings are not running through other parts of the school, or kicking balls around in the halls or foyers.  The halls and foyers are often places where treasured student artwork is on display, and can easily be damaged.

Evening Staff 

Please remember that evening staff are there to clean and maintain the school, to ensure it is ready for the next school day.  If there is a problem, or an emergency, please do call on their assistance, but otherwise, please allow them to do their work uninterrupted as they have full schedules.  

Please arrange for everyone in your group to arrive a few minutes before the start of your booked time.  The door will be open to allow you access at your booked time.  If you have any late arrivals, you should have someone from your group remain at the front door to allow access, as the evening staff do not have time in their schedules to do this for you.  Please do not prop open front or gym doors.

School Closures

Your contract and schedule will list all exclusion dates where your group is not booked into the facility.  Please check your rental contract and advise your group of breaks due to school functions and take note of the school closures list.

Care of Facilities

Please put all nets, benches and other equipment away after use.  No food or beverages are to be consumed in facilities unless arrangements have been made in advance.  Never allow players to enter gyms while wearing soccer cleats.