General Description of U11 to U14

This section of the Guide explains the Club’s policies related to player evaluations and placements for age groups that stream up until U14. There is also a separate section on U15 and older evaluations.

Towards the end of the current season the Technical Director (along with the Club’s technical staff) will begin to assess each age group’s numbers, strength, results etc. and report to the Soccer Operations Committee on the approximate number of teams and levels the club will run for each age group. 

Team numbers and levels cannot be determined until the completion of tryouts as various factors can impact this plan.  External factors affecting this process can include Mountain United FC selections, players coming in from outside clubs, and general attrition. 

Near the end of the current season, the Technical Director will communicate with coordinators and coaches of each age group to formalize a tentative plan as per above for each age group. The Technical Director will also cover drills and games that will be run at tryouts so coaches can run players through them ahead of time.

There will be an evaluations information meeting scheduled just before the end of the season to help coaches and Age Group Coordinators understand the full evaluation process and to answer any questions they may have (see Detailed Chronology - U11 to U14).