Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

The Club recognizes that there are families in the community for whom the registration fees pose a genuine financial hardship.  We are an inclusive club, and with the support of Jumpstart, Athletics for Kids (A4K), and the generous funding of Grosvenor, we have developed a program to ensure that the registration fee alone does not prevent youth from participation in our Club.

We ask that full consideration be given to whether assistance is truly needed. Overuse of this program puts these options at risk for those who really need it.

Program Requirements:

Families who are eligible for funding from Jumpstart or A4K must promptly submit applications to these organizations.

Jumpstart is a national charity organized by Canadian Tire. For more info and to apply please use the link below:

A4K (Athletics For Kids) is a North Shore organization that established so that "all children, regardless of financial constraints of parents or guardians, should be able to participate in organized amateur sport".

For information and applications, visit the A4K website at:

KidSport is a national charity organization, which "assists children by overcoming financial barriers which prevent or limit their participation in organized sport." We are lucky to have a local Chapter here on the North Shore. Their application form is very simple and does not require detailed financial scrutiny. 

Or call the North Vancouver Recreation Commission at 604-987-7529 ext. #776. 

Those families who are not eligible for funding from Jumpstart, Kidsport or A4K must provide us with a proposed payment plan and let us know how much assistance is required. 

Barring illness or injury, like all Club players, those receiving financial assistance are expected to follow Club’s Fair Play Code and maintain a good attendance level at all practices and games.

If your family requires financial assistance to pay the Club Registration fee, please click on the link below: