U15 and up Evaluation Process

Evaluations will be more coach driven at these ages than in U11-U14. Coaches will work with their AGTC from the prior season to form teams. The Technical Director will host a meeting leading up to U15 and up evaluations, but after the registration deadline, to formulate an evaluations plan for each individual age group. The plan for the next season will largely be affected by re-registration rates from each of the Select Teams.

Div 1 evaluations will wait for Metro evaluations to be completed, before making changes to Div 1 rosters. Div 1 coaches at U15 and up have the option to consult with the Technical Director and technical staff and release players from their team based on in-season performance in lieu of season-ending evaluations.  For U15 and up, this is the preferred method.

Should Div 1 teams require an evaluation session or two, Div 1 coaches should look to run their evaluations together, same time, same place, and cooperatively form Div 1 teams. Leading up to their Evaluations, Div 1 coaches should converse with coaches of lower level teams within North Vancouver FC to identify players that could potentially move up a level to facilitate fair and proper player movement between levels. These players should be invited to the higher level team’s evaluations. Alternatively, Div 1 coaches can just attend the Div 2 evaluations to review the top Div 2 players in the pool and offer positions to these players to fill out their roster.

Div 2 coaches should follow the same steps above in terms of cooperative evaluations and recruiting players from Div 3. For Div 2 evaluations, the coaches and coordinators of the age group will generally invite half of its roster to the evaluations for one final look, to have some players to compare the house players invited to, and to assist in finalizing teams in a cooperative manner among all the teams in the age group. As with Div 1 evaluations, any Div 2 players being moved to House will be largely based on in-season performance.

Teams that are clearly not viable for the following season should start working as soon as possible with other teams within the Club to form teams at the appropriate level for each of their remaining players. I.E. If there are 3 Div 2 teams in an age group and two of the teams only have 10 returning players we may need to work together to form two strong Div 2 teams in that age group going forward. Again, these discussions and decisions will be finalized in a cooperative/collaborative manner at the U15 and up Evaluations Planning Meeting mentioned above.