Evaluation Criteria

Scores are from 5 (high) to 1 (low). Half marks can be given and may be appropriate for players who fall between two categories. Evaluators will be encouraged to use the full spectrum of marks available to them.

Score of 5

Absolutely superior, relative to others, in terms of first touch, striking the ball, vision and decisions. Physically dominant in terms of speed, strength and work rate. Show great understanding of basic tactical elements of the game (shape, attacking principles, defending principles). Reserved for top 1 to 5 players overall. Can control ball with all parts of body, can strike the ball in a variety of ways. Can make an early decision that is appropriate for the circumstance and quickly employ the correct skill in an effective, constructive manner.

Score of 4

Technically excellent and physically capable, relative to others, of handling expected speed and work rate. Easily good enough for team trying out for. Skills are sufficient to ensure they will consistently control and strike the ball in a way that will help team maintain possession, create scoring chances or deny scoring chances. Strength and speed are commensurate with this level of play and player is committed to accepting coaching and becoming a better player.

Score of 3

Strong basic skills but perhaps deficient in one or two areas relative to others. Can control ball, make an early decision and act on it consistently. Mobile and aware of what is happening around them. Will likely be a bubble player with players having a 3.0 average being more likely to be placed on Silver teams rather than Gold.

Score of 2

Does not have skill set necessary for this level relative to others. Cannot control most passes directed to them. Does not strike the ball properly. Has difficulty with balls delivered in the air and cannot provide service in the air. Consistently relinquishes possession of the ball and has little ability to regain possession. Lacks pace, strength and has limited work rate. Tends to only become active in proximity to the ball.

Score of 1

Along with the weaknesses outlined directly above, player also shows poor attitude and/or work ethic.

Please note that different scoring systems may be used depending on the number of players attending an evaluation. For example, while the descriptive categories may be used, evaluators may simply score players as Div 1, Div 2 or Div 3 in some cases.

Station Description

Stations will be determined by the Technical Directors who will base their decision on the age group and level of the evaluations and total number of players expected to attend the evaluation. Stations will largely be different types of small-sided games. An opportunity will be provided to the coach of the team the players are being evaluated for to request a particular station.