Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Process

The members, coaches, volunteers, parents, players and employees who make up our Club will successfully handle the vast majority of concerns and complaints quickly and fairly.

There will be occasions when our members feel that their concerns have not been appropriately resolved at the level of the Board of Directors.  In these specific circumstances, we offer the choice of a review by our Club Ombudsman.

A member who is unhappy with a decision reached by the Board, and has reasonable expectation that the situation could be otherwise resolved, may submit a request in writing for a review of their situation.  The member may submit their request directly, via email, to the Ombudsman as listed on the Club contacts page of the Club website.

When requesting assistance from the Ombudsman, the member should include: their name and contact information (email, telephone numbers); player(s) involved; dates; and a detailed outline of their concerns. Please note that the member is required to advise the Board of Directors of their intent to pursue a review by the Ombudsman, prior to submitting their request.

The Ombudsman will contact the member, usually by email, to acknowledge the request and advise the member of the expected timeframe for the investigation.  The Ombudsman will also ensure that the member has informed the involved Director of the member’s intent to request a review.

The Ombudsman will also ensure that the member has informed the involved Director of the member’s intent to request a review.

The intent of this process is to provide an arm’s length review of the facts, circumstances, and decisions.  If the Ombudsman requires further information, the Ombudsman may choose to contact the member or other concerned parties.

In some circumstances, the Ombudsman may determine that the concern is not one that is appropriate for formal review. This decision is entirely within the Ombudsman’s determination. In such cases, the Ombudsman will inform the complainant that there will not be a review.

Once the investigation into the complaint is concluded, the Ombudsman will issue a review of the complaint to the Club President and the member who submitted the complaint. If the Ombudsman feels that action is recommended, the Ombudsman will include such recommendations in the final report.

The Ombudsman may make recommendations to the Board regarding suggested changes or updates to the Club’s policies, guidelines and procedures. The Ombudsman may also comment on policies, guidelines and procedures that the Ombudsman feels are well worded and appropriate. The Ombudsman may also suggest the Board review the decision of the panel.

The final decision regarding such recommendations remains with the Board of Directors.  The Ombudsman does not have the authority to overturn the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Board will consider the input from the Ombudsman, however, the final decision on any issues or panel decisions remains with the Board.