Discipline Process

Discipline Process

Rescinding Membership or Expelling a Member

Part 4 of the Club bylaws outlines the rules for rescinding membership or expelling a member.

Discipline of Members

Part 5 of the bylaws outlines the rules for discipline of members.

Codes of Conduct

All members, players, coaches and volunteers will abide by our Codes of Conduct.

This requirement applies to all actions by members, players, team officials, parents and spectators associated with:
a)    Club team games at all levels (this may be in addition to any league discipline)
b)    Club team practices
c)    Club team travel
d)    Club team social events
e)    Other organized Club and team activities

If and when a member may have breached Club Code of Conduct guidelines or BCSA Discipline policy, the following graduated process will be followed in sequence as applicable:

Conversation and intervention by one or more team officials. Team officials include coaches, assistant coaches and managers. This occurs regardless of whether the breach is from a player, another team official or parent. This may be a one-on-one discussion, a team meeting or a communication with parents. 

In relation to discipline, conduct and ethics NVFC has adopted the policies of BC Soccer Association, the governing body for soccer in British Columbia. 

Failure to abide by any of the NVFC Codes of Conduct could result in a disciplinary action taken by the Club as per the policies in the links below. Furthermore, NVFC reserves the right to temporarily suspend any coach, player, parent , participant, or spectator until a hearing can be established if circumstances deem this appropriate. 

Click on links for information on the policies listed below: