18. The Board of Directors may make policies and procedures for discipline of Members if a Member or Minor Player for whom that person stands as a Member (collectively the “Subject Member”):
(a) Contravenes provisions of these Bylaws or policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors;
(b) Breaches the rules of soccer;
(c) Breaches the rules of the Canadian Soccer Association and/or any such other association with which the Club chooses to affiliate;
(d) Engages in conduct (whether on the field of play or elsewhere) that can be reasonably inferred to place players safety and security of person at risk or otherwise may bring the game of soccer or the name and reputation of the Club into disrepute.

19. Policies and procedures established under this part must at a minimum allow in all cases for the Subject Member to know the charges against him or her and to make representations in person and through supporting witnesses at a hearing in front of an independent and impartial adjudicative panel either constituted by the Board of Directors or recognized as having authority to deal with the matter by the Board of Directors.

20. The policies and procedures established under this part may contain provisions for consensual dispute resolutions through which the matter may be resolved, including (without limiting) through use of mediation services of one or more ombudspersons identified and recognized by the Club. Any proposed resolution through this process must be approved by the Board of Directors.

21. In all cases, the results of a hearing or consensual resolution process must be reported to the Board of Directors who, except in cases involving a Minor Player, may then decide to make the results known to the membership or public if, in the discretion of the Board of Directors acting reasonably, the public interest is better served by publication.