Criminal Records Checks

The Club is governed by the BC Soccer Association (BCSA) which requires that all team officials including coaches, assistant coaches, and managers as well as most Club administrators have a completed a Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file with their Club. The Club values the safety of its players and volunteers. To that end, we have adopted the CRC as part of our Risk Management protocol. A completed CRC for all coaches and managers must be on file before a BCSA ID card is released. You cannot act as a Club team official until you submit a completed CRC to our Club Registrar.

A new CRC is required to be submitted every 3 years.  

The Club is required to report the status of our Risk Management to BCSA annually on October 1st and submit regular updates. Without a completed CRC on file with your Club, BC Soccer will not recognize you as a team official, and you are not covered by their insurance policy.

There must always be at least one adult BCSA carded team official present at every game and practice.   A BCSA referee will automatically default the game if a team does not have an adult BCSA carded team official present.
The Club Registrar oversees the CRC process at the Club.

Accepted forms of CRCs: