62. The Board of Directors may place one or more administrative issues or matters before the membership for consideration via email and decision by electronic vote under the terms and conditions contained in this Part.

63. No issue or matter required to be presented to or considered by the Members at the Annual General Meeting may be presented/considered by electronic means.

64. No matter requiring debate of the members may be presented or considered by the Members by electronic means, except that the vote on that matter may be held by electronic means in which case the Board of Directors may direct that electronic balloting be open for a period of time after the meeting ends.

65. The Board of Directors must make full disclosure to the Members – through an information circular – of all considerations and reasons they are seeking support for the matter by electronic ballot.

66. Notice, including the information circular and electronic balloting instructions must be provided to Members at least fifteen days in advance of electronic balloting.

67. Any electronic balloting system utilized by the Club must be able to guarantee that:
(a) The identity of the Individual Member voting can be verified as a Member entitled to vote;
(b) An Individual Member may only cast one ballot;
(c) The secrecy of a person’s ballot is maintained.

68. The Board of Directors may meet by electronic means so long as the Board of Directors has a policy in place which contains rules for conduct of electronic board meetings and for casting/recording board votes electronically.