Team Development

Team Development

The Club provides professional development and technical support to its players and teams through programs involving Club staff coaches.  These club development activities are included in the registration fee. 

U5 - KickStart

The focus is on fun while introducing the kids and their parents to the club and the game of soccer.  Sessions are once a week on Saturdays.  This program allows children to explore handling and kicking the ball, while also developing motor skills such as balance, co-ordination, running, and jumping.  Overseeing the program and running sessions with the team coaches, are Club staff coaches.  The involvement of the parents will reinforce the volunteer nature of our club and support the transition of parents to team coaches, managers and other roles beginning at U6.

U6/U7 - First Kix

At the weekly Saturday First Kix sessions, our Club staff coaches guide the team coaches in teaching soccer skills to the players. Prior to the start of the program, the Club staff coaches will provide each team coach with an official program curriculum guide (see link below) which will be delivered both electronically and on the clubs website in the form of easy to understand lesson plans. The team coaches will also be offered an on-field coaching clinic to prepare them for the program. 

NVFC U6/U7 First Kix Coach Manual/Saturday Curriculum:

U8 - Futsal Development Program

This program is designed to develop all U8 players and team coaches. Teams attend a mixture of practice sessions and futsal exhibition games against other Club teams with a Club staff coach overseeing the sessions. This is an excellent opportunity to mentor the team coaches while developing the players.  The Club will provide each team coach with program guide (see link below) the form of easy to follow lesson plans. The team coaches will also be offered an on-field coaching clinic to prepare them for the Futsal Development Program.  

Futsal Manual

U8 Futsal Development Schedule
Sessions Tuesday evenings spread throughout the season

U9 to U16 - House Teams

All U9 to U16 house teams have a series of development sessions scheduled throughout the season with a Club staff coach. This Club staff coach will provide training plans and mentor the team coach.  Once the program begins, a Club staff coach will be assigned to each team. Each team and its team coaches will work with the Club staff coach at various times throughout the season to:
•    Prepare a structured training session plan.
•    Develop on field technical ability of the team coaches.
•    Deliver a structured progressive theme from warm up stage to its game related conclusion.

Coach Manual

U11-U17 Select and U13-U18 Metro Teams

All Select teams in these age groups participate in the Club Select Program. This program provides development sessions with a Club staff coach as well as game day visits by a Club staff coach - Age Group Technical Coordinator.

Coach Manual

U11 to U17 Select Team Development Schedule

Club Goalkeeper Development Program

This program will give an opportunity to our Club's full time goalkeepers to train with our Club staff goalkeeper coaches throughout the season for a nominal fee. Since this program is highly subsidized by the Club teams can only send one goalkeeper (i.e.: full time Goalkeepers). The only exception are select Teams that were given two Goalkeepers. They may send both. Goalkeepers who wish to continue their training into the spring months can sign up for our paid weekly Goalkeeper program that runs April thru June.

Note: For NVFC players only

Cost: subsidized by Club  $119

Schedule and Locations:  Click here

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U17-U18 Teams

These teams can request up to 3 development sessions per season. Please contact the Technical Director to arrange.