High Performance

High Performance Academy

The High Performance Academy is an additional component to the mid week Player Development Academy and will be by invite only. This will give elite players the unique opportunity to compete against the top players in both game and training environments throughout the fall/winter/spring. On occasion, games/tournaments/jamborees will be arranged against top players from both in and out of club allowing for players to play in a competitive environment.

Given that this is a High Performance environment, players may be invited in as guests and players' progress is monitored from phase to phase. Invitations back into the program each phase is determined on a case-by-case basis.

At the conclusion of the U11 season, the aim of High Performance Program is to conclude with a Club based European Travel team experience (there may be non Club players on the team).  Invitations and/or participation in the HP Academy at U9-U11 does not guarantee a position on the European Travel team as there will be a selection process involved with the forming of this team. All appropriate players will be notified by club/academy technical staff in advance of  these opportunities.


Fall/Winter: U9 to U11 (in the fall/winter of the U12 season the HP group trains once a week during the mid week Player Development Academy)
Spring: Players heading into U9/U10/U11/U12*
*Note, this group is the European Travel team
Dates and Times For HP Academy (these are in additional to Player Development Academy Sessions)
September to December Phase – every Friday or Sunday: Times TBA
January to March Phase – every Friday or Sunday: Times TBA
April to June Phase—every Saturday (some Sundays)

Tournaments and Jamborees Schedule:

  • Summer July/August: No HP Academy games, See Camp Schedule For Elite Summer Camps
  • Labour Day Weekend: No HP Academy events, Select teams free to enter tournaments
  • Thanksgiving: No HP Academy events, Select teams free to enter tournaments
  • November 11th: Possible HP event/jamboree
  • Christmas Break/New Years Weekend: No HP Academy events, Select Teams free to enter tournaments
  • Family Day Weekend: Euro Travel team and U10 HP teams will participate in jamboree
  • Spring Break: No HP Academy Games, See Camp Schedule for HP Spring Break Camps
  • Easter Weekend: No HP events, Select teams free to enter tournaments
  • April: Euro Travel team to participate in tournament/jamboree
  • Last Weekend of June: HP teams enter into tournament
Invitations will be sent to players by Academy Directors. Players not offered positions in this program are encouraged sign up for our Player Development Academy, see above, as their progress will be monitored for the purposes of a possible future  invitation into the program. Players will be invited primarily through the North Vancouver FC Player Development Academy, but also by performance on their regular North Vancouver FC team. The expectation is if you are playing on a Select team at U9 thru U12 at North Vancouver FC, you will participate in the HP Games when called upon.

Finally, all players that are offered positions with the HP Academy teams will be expected to make their North Vancouver FC Team their number one soccer commitment. As such, we have built both the Player Development Academy Program and HP Games Program around those commitments to compliment regular North Vancouver FC Team activities. Given all three playing environments are official North Vancouver FC Programs we have the ability to coordinate all of them so they do not conflict. North Vancouver FC has built these programs so that players have the ability to train or play  4-5 days per week in an all inclusive team and Academy environment without conflicts and to provide consistency. Other outside programs such as private or corporate type academies do not have the ability to coordinate their program offerings around your  regular Select Team commitments or to manage player output. Keep in mind the maximum recommended output for Elite players at these ages is 4-5 times per week. We expect all players invited to the HP Games to be leaders in their Club team environments both on and off the field


Participants will be notified of cost when they receive their invitation and schedule.