On this page, you can access all support documents related to BCSPL operations such as manager’s guide, travel procedures, FAQs, BCSPL Evaluations Guidelines and other informative items for teams

What is the BCSPL? 

Provincial wide League considered the top level of Club based play U13-U18. League website: https://www.bcspl.ca 

How is it different than U11/U12 BCCSL? 

In U11/U12, any Club can enter teams into top level (ie Div 1A) and they may be moved  down over time. In BCSPL, entering teams is limited only to the 12 franchise holders in BC.  Only those with Canadian Soccer Club Charter Status may run BCSPL level teams. Also at  U13, all levels move from 8 aside to 11aside.  

What is the BCSPL Season of Play and Commitment Level? 

Teams practice 3 times a week instead of 2 in U11/U12 D1. Season is year round, with a  long 6 week summer break and long 4-5 week winter break. Requires strong commitment  but there is room for multi-sport athletes. 

Intake Evaluation Process, Player Criteria & Selections 

In season play with your U12 team and/or own Club Academy. End of U12 Season  Evaluation sessions will also occur. Dialogue between Club Technical staff on technical,  tactical, physical, and mental/social (ie attitude, commitment, work ethic, team player etc) 

Intake Evaluation Timelines & Dates – Phase 1 (Club Team & Academy) & Phase 2 Info Phase 1 is October to February in season games with U12 team and/or Club Academy. Phase 2 is evaluations dates in February. Team picked by middle of February. Team begins training/games after spring break in Intake Year. 

How is the Coaching Staff / Technical Staff Selected? 

To be appointed in December/January with collaboration among NVFC/WVFC/NSGSC. Open to in Club staff or outside Club staff. Will choose the best candidate available each  season. 

What happens with Roster Formation Long Term? – Player Movement Up/Down Every November is a re-evaluation phase where BCSPL teams re-asses current roster based  on a full season and can move players down a level. This is usually the time where identified  top non-BCSPL players or out of Club players are assessed for a few weeks to a month to be  added to the BCSPL roster. Most times, given the teams below BCSPL are in mid season, the  additions to BCSPL are gradual in nature as the BCSPL next phase begins in early March, so  new roster additions are often let to continue to have the benefit of playing games until  their fall/winter season is done. This allows teams feeding BCSPL to go undisturbed until  their next tryout phase which is usually March/April. Everything is done in full cooperation  between the Clubs so players are “delivered” a transition plan and not being pulled in 2  directions. 

Is there a relationship between NVFC, WVFC, NSGSC ? 

A cooperative and collaborative relationship exists between the 3 Clubs when it comes to  coach selection and player selection, movement up/down from BCSPL.  On the girls side NSGSC will take the lead in some areas of running the team such as  collaboration with teams below BCSPL and Phase 1 evaluation / player monitoring as they  have the critical mass of girls playing on the North Shore. Their development of players leading up to final evaluations and input into selections on the girls side is invaluable to  roster formation to ensure rosters are not being formed team based on one off evaluations. 

Are there opportunities for players who are not initially selected to a BCSPL roster?

It will be in each BCSPL coach job description to track top players in the age group for  future consideration. Non-BCSPL players may be invited to join the BCSPL team as a  training player on a regular basis in 10-12 week increments for an academy like fee. This  training arrangement / schedule will be worked out with their usual team. 

Where will NVFC BCSPL Team practice and play home games? 

All training sessions and home games will occur on North Shore facilities. 

Can you still player other sports if you are on a NVFC BCSPL Team?

NVFC supports the CSA Long-Term Player Development Model, which states: “Soccer is the  primary sport, but complimentary sports are encouraged which support movement and  athleticism suitable to soccer…” You can play other sports, but players must make soccer  their primary commitment. Players are expected to be in attendance for all training session  and games. The actual interpretation of what level of commitment is required will be up to  the team coaches and will vary with the age of the player. 

How many times a week do teams train?  

Teams train 3 times per week. The only exception is the U13 Intake teams only practice 2  times per week (plus exhibition games) during the initial exhibition intake phase April to  June. 

What are the fees for BCSPL Registration?  

The projected cost for a full BCSPL season January to December is projected to be  approximately $2250. The cost for the Intake Teams are pro rated lower as the team runs  April to December after it is selected in February. The fee will be approximately $1600.  

Fees do not include travel for potential away games to Interior or Vancouver Island as these  trips vary by age group. These costs will be managed at the team level. Teams may also  choose / vote to travel to tournaments outside of regular League play, which would also  result in additional costs at the team level.  

What is the playing time policy at the BCSPL level?  

All players are guaranteed a minimum 30% playing time averaged out over the course of  each Phase. For Cup Play (play-offs) there is no minimum playing time requirement for  those few weeks. These minimum standards are set at the League level and are uniform  across the BCSPL.