Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer

Continue Playing Soccer This Spring and extend your team's soccer season!

Attention all coaches!

For the 2nd year in a row, NVFC is pleased to offer teams the opportunity to play soccer in a fun, positive minimal commitment soccer environment. Teams will play once a week on Saturdays for 8 - 10 weeks (no long weekends) between late April to June. Most of the games played will be between existing NVFC teams so it's a fantastic opportunity to play against like minded/skilled NVFC players. Only teams/players who registered for the 2018/2019 soccer season are eligible to participate. 

Open to all the following age groups (based on next season's ages):
  • U12 (2008) Div 1 (Gold), Div 2 (Silver) & House 
  • U11 (2009) Div 1 (Gold), Div 2 (Silver) & House 
  • U10 (2010) House Select & House Development
  • U9 (20111) House Select & House Development 
House Approximate Kick -Off Times (based on next season's ages):
  • U12 (2008) House 2:30 to 4:45pm KO's
  • U11 (2009) House 11:00am-1:45pm KO's
  • U10 (2010) House 10:00 to 11:15am KO's
  • U9 (2011) House 8:00 to 10:00am KO's
*We may have to expand some of the time windows above in any given age group, if there are many teams 

House Team Number of Players (Min & Max #s):
  • U12 (2008) House: 11 to 14 players for 8 v 8 game format
  • U11 (2009) House: 11 to 14 players for 8 v 8 game format
  • U10 (2010) House: 9 to 12 players for 6 v 6 game format
  • U9 (2011) House: 9 to 12 players for 6 v 6 game format

Additional Team Information:

Uniforms: NVFC branded colour t-shirts will be distributed in April, with details emailed to team officials for distribution  

Equipment: Please use your team equipment for game day set up and warm up

Cost for U9 (2011) - U12 (2008) House teams is $795 per team and includes NVFC t-shirts as jerseys. (Note: No mid week practice slot)

Cost for U11 Select (2009) to U12 Select (2008) teams is $995 per team and includes NVFC t-shirts as jerseys. (Note: Weekday practice slot provided by NVFC)

Select Team Formations: All Select teams will have players assigned via February/ March through the evaluation/team formation process.

House Team Formations: Please do not stack your teams; teams should be comprised from last seasons rosters plus some additions; if your team is short players, two/three half teams can merge into one team for the Spring; only players registered from 2018/2019 Fall/Winter season are eligible to play.

Instructions To Coaches To Register Teams:

Step 1: Put a team together on your own or in conjunction with other coaches as per the guidelines above. *Note U9 (2011) to U12 (2008) Select team coaches will use the new teams that were formed at recent evaluations.

Step 2: Coaches register and pay for your team at the appropriate link below.

U12 (2008) Div 1/2 (Gold/Silver): Register Here

U12 (2008) House (max 6 teams): Register Here 

U11 (2009) Div 1/2 (Gold/Silver): Register Here

U11 (2009) House (max 6 teams): Register Here

U10 (2010) House Select: Register Here

U10 (2010) House Development (max 8 teams): Register Here

U9 (2011) House Select: Register Here

U9 (2011) House Development (max 8 teams): Register Here     

Step 3: NVFC will send you a new invitation to Team Snap for your new Spring team and you can then invite your players to join the team. Please note players can only join one team.

Step 4: Attend Spring Uniform Distribution Day. Details will be emailed to coaches via Team Snap.

Step 5: NVFC will upload your schedule to TeamSnap - TBD

Step 6: Enjoy your season!

Want to participate in Spring Soccer but don't have a team?  The Club will be opening up registration for individual Spring Soccer players in House/ House Development. Registration will open in March. Note: If you are heading into U9/U9 House Select or U11/U12 House Select, your coach will register your team for Spring Soccer.