Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer

Continue Playing Soccer This Spring and extend your team's soccer season!

Attention all coaches!

This year NVFC is pleased to offer teams the opportunity to play soccer in a fun, positive minimal commitment soccer environment. Teams will play once a week on Saturdays for 8 - 10 weeks (no long weekends) between late April to June. Most of the games played will be between existing NVFC teams so it's a fantastic opportunity to play against like minded/skilled NVFC players. Only teams/players who registered for the 2017/2018 soccer season are eligible to participate. 

Open to all the following age groups (based on next season's ages):
  • U12 (2007) Gold, Silver & House 
  • U11 (2008) Gold, Silver & House 
  • U10 (2009) House Select & House Development
  • U9 (2010) House Select & House Development 
House Approximate Kick -Off Times (based on next season's ages):
  • U12 (2007) House 2:30 to 4:45pm KO's
  • U11 (2008) House 11:00am-1:45pm KO's
  • U10 (2009) House 10:00 to 11:15am KO's
  • U9 (2010) House 8:00 to 10:00am KO's

House Team Number of Players (Min & Max #s):
  • U12 (2007) House: 11 to 14 players for 8 v 8 game format
  • U11 (2008) House: 11 to 14 players for 8 v 8 game format
  • U10(2009) House: 9 to 12 players for 6 v 6 game format
  • U9 (2010) House: 9 to 12 players for 6 v 6 game format

Additional Team Information:

Uniforms: NVFC branded colour t-shirts will be distributed in April, with details emailed to team officials for distribution  

Equipment: Please use your team equipment for game day set up and warm up

Cost for U9 (2009) - U12 (2007) House teams is $795 per team and includes NVFC t-shirts as jerseys. (Note: No mid week practice slot)

Cost for U11 Select (2008) to U12 Select (2007) teams is $995 per team and includes NVFC t-shirts as jerseys. (Note: Weekday practice slot provided by NVFC)

Select Team Formations: All Select teams will have players assigned via February/ March through the evaluation/team formation process 

House Team Formations: Please do not stack your teams; teams should be comprised from last seasons rosters plus some additions; if your team is short players, two/three half teams can merge into one team for the Spring; only players registered from 2017/2018 Fall/Winter season are eligible to play

Instructions To Coaches To Register Teams (Deadline extended to early April):

Step 1: Put a team together on your own or in conjunction with other coaches as per the guidelines above. *Note U9 (2009) to U12 (2007) Select team coaches will use the new teams that were formed at recent evaluations.

Step 2: Coaches register and pay for your team at the appropriate link below.

U12 (2007) Gold/Silver: Register Here

U12 (2007) House (max 6 teams): 

U11 (2008) Gold/Silver: Register Here

U11 (2008) House (max 6 teams): 

U10 (2009) House Select: Register Here

U10 (2009) House Development (max 8 teams):

U9 (2010) House Select: Register Here   

U9 (2010) House Development (max 8 teams):       

Step 3: NVFC will send you a new invitation to Team Snap for your new spring team and you can then invite your players to join the team. Please note players can only join one team.

Step 4: Attend Spring Uniform Distribution Day. Details will be emailed to coaches via Team Snap.

Step 5: NVFC will upload your schedule to Team Snap April 15th 

Step 6: Enjoy your season!

NEW!!!  NVFC's Spring Soccer - Now Open to Individual House/House Development Players

Cost: $90

Coach volunteers NEEDED

If any parents are interested in volunteering as a coach - this is your opportunity! Spring soccer is a low key, casual way to get involved in coaching. With no practices during the week, it's just about playing soccer on Saturdays and having fun
Sorry Sold Out!!!  Deadline early April

NOTE:  Players heading into House Select and Select should not register here.  Your coach will register your team for Spring Soccer.