Committees report to the Club Board of Directors.  The activities of a committee are outlined in a Terms of Reference, which must be approved by the Board of Directors.  All committee members are required to sign a Volunteer – Code of Conduct, and those who have access to confidential data or any financial duties must submit a completed Criminal Records Check.

There are seven committees at the Club. The first five listed below focus their efforts on the strategic priorities outlined in our Club Strategic Plan:

Soccer Operations Committee

  • To deliver the highest standards of excellence in soccer development to everyone.

Finance and Governance Committee

  • To guarantee strong financial management and governance at the Club.

Communication, Community and Culture (C3) Committee

  • To maintain and enhance the Club’s community spirit.

Sponsorship Committee   

  • To develop and implement a sustainable sponsorship program that continues to raise the profile of the Club and to increase incremental funds year-over-year.

Facilities Committee   

  • To identify and secure incremental soccer facilities.

Scholarship Committee

  • To recommend deserving graduating U18 players for a North Vancouver FC Scholarship.